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America Abandons Blind Chinese Activist, Son of Homicidal Leader Offered Citizenship?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 4, 2012

Barack Otrauma has abandonded human rights as we know them. I guess it should come as no surprise as the man despises half of his DNA, so how can he love or embrace anything else?
Otrauma and crw have turned the blind Chinese activist over to the chicoms who have promised not to physically abuse him, as they did in the past. Yeah, the same chicoms who promise not to pirate our goods and promise a peaceful rise.

How ironic is it that a true activist like Chen Guangcheng, is turned away by the US when Bo Guagua, the son of a pair of murders- allegedly, will be offered political asylum?
Yeah, bo Guagua is the poison of Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai, both of whom have been implicated in the murders of at least a dozen people and also an airplane explosion killing 100. But little Bo supposedly has a cool billion of stolen loot that his p’s gave him to hide, so that’s why he’ll receive the red carpet treatment.


“In a brief telephone interview, Chen told Reuters from a Beijing hospital that he was also worried because his wife Yuan Weijing’s movements had been restricted and monitored. He said he had heard that his friends had also been harassed.”My situation is not good,” said Chen, who went to hospital for treatment of a foot injury suffered during his escape from house arrest in rural Shandong province last month. “I haven’t been able to meet with U.S. embassy diplomats for two days. They came here but weren’t allowed inside.”
U.S. officials have said they have spoken to Chen by phone, and also met his wife Yuan face-to-face.”

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