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Chinese Whine About Blind Lawyers Escape

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 5, 2012

The Whitney Chicoms cannot take themselves seriously. They are in constant battle with reality and litter the net with garbage. The following excerpt is a good example.

Given the sensitivity of the case at a time when senior US officials were in town for economic and strategic talks, most Chinese media did not report or comment on the dramatic incident this week except for the nationalistic Communist Party tabloid Global Times which slammed US intervention in a domestic matter in an editorial which looked to paper over Chen’s brutal treatment under extrajudicial house arrest as the result of “loopholes” in local governance.

The editorial said Chen now only represents anti-Chinese forces in the west. The lawyer has become a tool for US politicians to smear China’s reputation, the paper said, adding that his appeal does not bear much significance but shows how far US politicians are willing to go to stir up trouble in China.
From here

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