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China, Thousands of Years, Not Civilized- Travel Stories

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 8, 2012

Here is a great comment from the site below. The commenter went to shanghai, chinas cultural center. If shanghai is bad, imagine what the rest is like…


I just come back from one month in Shanghai and I can say you are the most rude, uncivilised, uneducated people I EVER SAW.. I just could have kill some of you if I wasn’t in your country. My wife is chinese living in France and she was ashamed as well. Inhumans, full of hate, gold diggers, my god I cannot see any chinese anymore.

I have no solution for you folks, you country is condamned, I repeat there’s no solution for China. You need more than a miracle to become what I call a country.

Modern China have no soul. It has been exctincted. The government is cruel to you, and so are you to each other. Cruelty is a part of the chinese life. Suffering is seen as normal. China is hell, populated by dead walking bodies.. I saw very few humans over there. I will never forget what you are, how you treated me. I had no anger against you untill now, I travelled a lot and saw a lot of shit, but sorry, you are the worst people I’ve met.

I will past the rest of my life speaking against you. The world is yet very naive and has to know you.

You can continue your shit, eating dog testicles and penis, even tiger penis for you rich wannashow, you can continue all this thinking you’re the upcomming force. You’re nothing.

I just could have slapped 100 of you. Your males are almost all cowards. I don’t fear any of you..

I’m sorry but I just hate you.


One Response to “China, Thousands of Years, Not Civilized- Travel Stories”

  1. Me too said

    If aliens are out there , they tune in to the china channel to get their laugh on.

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