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Pig Faces And Rude Chinese Tourists

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 8, 2012

When I travel long distances, I remember my abc’s, anywhere but china. I fly from somewhere else instead of enduring hell on earth with a plane full of these people. The last time I saw a guy strip to the waist and change, and virtually all of them cackle and cough like they have emphysema .

Here is an excerpt of how much fun the Chinese can be

SINGAPORE — There was near-pandemonium at the L’Oréal cosmetics counter. With only hours before the end of their weeklong National Day holiday this month, a busload of package tourists from China descended on a department store here and began clamoring for all the skin refiner wrinkle de-crease” they could buy

Karen Eu, one of three clerks attending to them and herself of Chinese ancestry, opened her eyes wide in exasperation.

“Oh, my God,” she said as she carried another fistful of Chinese yuan to the cash register. “They talk so loud I have to yell until my throat hurts.”

“…in July when a group of more than 300 from China took umbrage at illustrations of a pig’s face on their check-in vouchers at a casino resort in predominantly Muslim Malaysia.

Although the resort said the drawings were meant only to distinguish their Chinese guests from Muslims, who cannot eat pork – or gamble – the Chinese demonstrated their pique by staging a sit-in in the hotel lobby and belting out their national anthem. It took 40 police officers with dogs to clear them out.

While some analysts say China’s tourists have dubious benefits to regional tourism,

Boon Sang Lip, a souvenir stand operator, put it more bluntly: “They like to talk in a loud and not-very-polite way,” he said as a group of tourists from Xian in China mobbed his assistant for lighters in the shape of Singapore’s emblem, the mythical half-lion, half-fish Merlion.

When they check into hotels, for instance, many tourists from China demand the top floors, Lim said. Some feel entitled to take souvenirs like hotel pillows, he said.


Btw this was in 05, things have gotten worse now

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