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China Sells USA Commuter Coffins! Chicago Trains Halted Due to Safety

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 12, 2012

Here is a comment from Banging Brewskie, the king of swing. Apparently the auSA, in her hurry to worship China , has compromised our rail safety. The funny thing is that chines don’t like made in chinese goods, but we love them!

Big BrewMan
Ha! Ha! Ha! China’s exporting a fine specialty to the US just for the fun of it, which is turning innocent rail cars into commuter coffins to Purgatory.

Check out what the ‘ol CTA is discovering:


“CTA customers worn out by trains that constantly break down and smell like burning rubber might have thought their ride had finally arrived last year when the first new rail cars in decades glided along “L” tracks.

But on the underbelly of the new stainless steel cars with fluted sides lurked a threat that was more serious than CTA officials could have imagined when they pulled the cars from service in December.

Internally defective and potentially dangerous steel parts from China that could break and lead to a derailment were installed on the cars manufactured for the CTA by Bombardier Transportation, according to the transit agency’s internal investigation.

The inferior craftsmanship found on the safety-sensitive parts in the rail car truck assembly, which supports much of a train’s weight, raises serious questions about Bombardier’s quality-control process on the new generation of CTA trains, the investigation found. The CTA is the first transit agency to purchase the cars, known as the 5000 Series. The contract for 706 of those cars totals more than $1 billion.

Almost all the steel castings in question, manufactured for Canada-based Bombardier by joint venture partner Sifang foundry in Qingdao, China, were substandard and will be replaced, CTA officials said. Sifang is no longer working on the CTA contract, they added.


CTA rail mechanics along with workers from Bombardier are now disassembling the cars already delivered to Chicago, storing the car bodies and sending back the truck assemblies, which contain the axles and wheels, to Bombardier for complete repairs. Bombardier scrapped all the castings made by Sifang, and all CTA cars will be outfitted with parts from two new suppliers, one in Germany and one in China, CTA officials said.”

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  1. Life said

    King of Beers!!!! Great one Brew

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