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King, China and Mortality

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 17, 2012

Here is a project by the King, consider it to be a form of keeping the chicoms accountable for their actions….

The King
“Well folks it’s good to see China still killing people seems nothing has changed in my absence. keep up the good work you feral beasts. fuck yourself china and your 2 months of little Chinese monkeys jumping up and down naked









PS what really irked me was all the enviromental commercials night after night, they’d show a cartoon globe or something but the South North American side. turning brown to pollution (like this stupid commercial with a girl who had an eye operation and her first sight was a window and angry Chinese drivers spewing toxic goo in the air), then the screen shifts to a sick sad faced earth that’s brown, but shows the continent Americanada. Fuck you China. How about sweep infront of your door before you sweep others you stinky fuck.

http://shanghaiist.com/2012/05/13/father_jumps_out_of_moving_car_to_s.php I call shinanagans on this one, no father in China would risk one toenail for a GIRL. The father would realistically have just drove on glee fully that he could finally get a shrill voiced fat baby boy that stubbornly says “Wo bu yao” spoiled to everything. They even made a funny comercial for candy about this, a fat Chinese boy that goes Wo Bu YAO. then Wo Yao wo yao wo yao. I hate Chinese boys they look like such fucking monkeys.


Baby China, customs hold Philipeno fruits…. it’s like saying “I’m taking my ball and going home”. baby baby wah wah china.


Dammit wished those people died not just get hurt. would have made a delicious stats on my list.

http://www.shanghaidaily.com/nsp/Metro/2012/05/11/City%2Bpoised%2Bto%2Bban%2Ball%2Bpublic%2Bindoor%2Bsmoking/ hahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahaah ban smoking in china hhahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahhaha next thing they’ll tell is these street shitters went into space.

http://www.shanghaidaily.com/nsp/National/2012/05/11/Girls%2Btorching%2Bearns%2Bstudent%2B%2B12%2Byears%2Bin%2Bjail/ PRAISE THE LORD HE HAS RISEN!!!! It’s a new day the lord has made! You know the prince who set that girl on fire for dumping him? he gets 12 years in prison. Wow! 12 years that much huh?

http://www.shanghaidaily.com/nsp/National/2012/05/11/3%2Bkilled%2B14%2Bhurt%2Bby%2Bblast/ (3 died in a social worker office). Wow first these peasants say the CPC doesn’t help them, and then kills them when they do. Make up your mind China! Do you want help or not?

http://www.shanghaidaily.com/nsp/National/2012/05/10/Suicide%2Bblast%2Bkills%2B3%2Bwounds%2B14%2Bin%2BYunnan/ Excellent more death to report. suicide bomber kills 3.

http://www.shanghaidaily.com/nsp/National/2012/05/10/Lead%2Bpoisoning%2Bprobed%2Bafter%2Bover%2B50%2Bworkers%2Bfelt%2Bsick/ 50 workers poisoned with lead goo.

http://www.shanghaidaily.com/nsp/Metro/2012/05/09/City%2Bpoised%2Bto%2Brelease%2BPM25%2Bdata/ Shanghai to now be a 2.5 ppm goo city
http://www.shanghaidaily.com/nsp/Metro/2012/05/08/Mum%2Bfails%2Bto%2Bget%2Bdeserted%2Bbaby%2Bfrom%2Bpolice/ Bad Chinese mom fails to get baby from police station. Bad bad mother.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18068430#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa six months down, six more to go, foreign investment slips again for half a year. Fuck you China.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18068128#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa Renren, one of those stinky QQ like things, profits slip. I guess people just don’t want to be watched perhaps?

http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-202_162-57428878/south-korea-cracks-down-on-human-flesh-capsules-from-china/ meds made from ground up babies. So it’s TRUE Chinese DO eat babies now.

PS China fuck you and your fucking TV. I’m writing some video game related erotica tonight about Starcraft Kerrigan chick……. and studying this children’s novel to turn it into a dream project. Thank you for your Chemlong Paradise obstical course shows, your Japanese bayoetting Chinese baby shows, your Chinese family shows, and your stupid Chinese comedy shows about dumplings! Fuck you China. Fuck you I’m taking up a Vietnamese or Korean, or even Japanese ethnicity……

And I’m writing all these you know you’re in China when jokes for this forum. They’re all in my diary, I’m also making jokes about Chinese hair dos! you’ll love them guys. Brewski keep sending the good news. You have no ideas how this keeps my bp blood goo down. From Punch a Chinese pretty boy in his Ta Kan (Kan =beautiful), straight nose. PS I also cum all over my walls, just for the landlords to clean up. My Chinese genes all over the walls lol. Just to say a big fuck you to my Chinese ancestors, for not doing the right thing and working to build schools and shit, only drink Baijao and fuck, and bai jao and fuck and bai jao and fuck and boom 1.6 Billion race of idiots! It’s like that American movie “Idiocracy” about all the rednecks doing the chinese version of bai jao and fuck. Only one thing. REDNECKS GO TO CHURCH, and frequently REPENT and change their ways! They have a future, the Chinese bronze aged “warriors” of rape don’t.

Fuck you China fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

(photo from mop.com)

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Beijing Hates Foreigners- 100 Day Strike Hard Campaign

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 17, 2012

Beijing is inciting hatred for foreigners after a recent alleged rape. Now, cops are to implement a strike hard campaign against illegal foreigners, or so they say. The funny thing is that as tension rises within the party, they blame xternal actors. To me, this event is proof positive.

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US Citizen Stabbed in Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 17, 2012

“A US citizen was injured when he was attacked by a knife-wielding Chinese man in downtown Beijing today, police said.
The American man was stabbed in the back by a 61-year-old Chinese man in Qianmen, located just south of Tian’anmen Square, the Beijing municipal public security bureau said in a statement.”


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Chinese Nuclear Meltdowns, Busted Bridges and Viagra- Rant Day Continues

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 17, 2012

The King of Brews is an agent of mass dissemination. He’s got a nose for what is relevant and can be seen soaking up and commenting on all things China not only in this but other forums as well. He seems to be well respected insofar as he knows what he’s talking about, which runs contrary to what we can say about much of the mainstream press.
As you can see from the following, Brew knows his stuff. In addition, he weaves in a bit of the Brewmeister-style, to liven up his comments.

Brewskie’s take on the big Stink Pot

“Rise? Yeah, I guess a 70-year-old gramp’s limp dick can rise if he jams his mouth with Viagra, like an NFL baller who stabs his butt with ‘roids. (Hey China, I think you’ve had an erection lasting more than 4 hours, you may want to go to the ER! πŸ˜‰ )
Well, the Brewskie is back, in production, and this season’s batch is especially incendiary; this potent, jalapeno-laced sauce of hooch will have everyone snortin’ flames out of their nostrils, as they laugh at their favorite make-believe pixie – the great paper tiger of Asia known as China.
Let’s go comb through the facts on the latest “house of mirrors” China’s established to hide, what’s indeed, the dark varicose matter striking her heart; let’s pick up the slack until the King gets his new computer, and vents his pent up rage.
Can you trust Chinese nuclear technology like Chinese-made dry wall in US homes, rail parts for commuter cars, or that Silly Putty known as Chinese-made concrete? Fuck no!! Get a load of these bumble bees bumbling a nuke plant in India – repeatedly:
“The forced shut down of unit no. 2 at Yamuna Nagar thermal plant since September 25 has raised questions about Chinese technology being used by Reliance for power projects. Even after the Chinese experts attended to it, the unit isn’t working, incurring losses worth crores of rupees to HPGCL on a daily basis.
According to information received under RTI, the unit 2 is under forced shutdown since September 25, 2011 due to high eccentricity and vibration at turbine bearing no. 1. The unit was commissioned on June 24, 2008 and has run for 24180 hours only.
The daily generation loss of 72 lakh units is worth Rs. 2 crore for HPGCL. After the closure of unit on September, 25, two Chinese engineers stationed at Khedar thermal visited site on September 28 & 29 but could not resolve the problem.”
(Brewskie note: the “experts” made several other visits. Moving on…)
“As per CEA report, 600 MW Yamuna Nagar thermal plant has reported a shortfall of 660 million units from April to January this year. As per CEA schedule the plant was to generate 3553 MU whereas it actually generated 2892 MU. A senior engineer said the fallout of Chinese equipment is now being felt.
It may be mentioned that the same unit was closed on February 22 in 2010 due to problem in emitting electrodes of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) and unit was restored on March 15. The300 MW unit ran subsequently at 60 % capacity for next 8 months.
It may be mentioned that this unit remained shut and subsequently operated at half load reportedly due to defective design of ESP.”
Second: Ho-hum, another day, another – yup, you guessed it… – bridge collapse, this time in Hunan province. This time the commies are blaming a boat that sailed into a support pillar; “Bullocks!” I say. A few years back, a swollen Mississippi River caused 3 barges to slam into a bridge near Dubuque, IA. The Julian Dubuque Bridge, as it’s called, was built it 1943: after inspections it was considered structurally sound, and is in service today. Better yet, the bridge was not considered among “the 4,333 dangerous bridges found in Hunan province.” Uh… was that commie official drunk when he let those beans slip?
Try 1940s engineering techniques and technology, guys.
And oh-oh… looks like barges of Viagra just ain’t holdin’ China’s muster like they used to. China’s response? As an agin’, fat ass NFL baller, China resorts to the same measure that’s destroying the body: injecting more ‘roids into that bulging bubble butt.
Look out below: food inflation’s up 7%!
“In a surprise move over the weekend, the People’s Bank of China cut its reserve ratio requirement. The general view is that this is designed to boost lending again, following the squeeze of the past half year, as inflation has started to come down and as the Chinese property market starts to wobble.
Chinese trade numbers for April were another clear indication that things are slowing sharply. Imports were up just 0.3% on the year, against a 5.3% rise in March. Exports were up just 4.9% from 8.9% a month earlier. In March, China reported its largest trade deficit in recent memory.
And independent observers have been marking down Chinese growth expectations to between 6% and 7% against the more usual 8% to 10% range that Chinese authorities have tended to target… Because the Australian economy, as a leading source of raw goods, has been so closely tied to China’s during recent years, its performance is seen as a proxy for what’s really going on in China. It’s worth noting that the Australian dollar has dropped around 10% against the U.S. dollar since the start of March. Meanwhile, the price of copper, a bellwether industrial metal and used as a proxy for Chinese growth, is at four-month lows.
To be sure, Chinese inflation has started to come down, which economists figure gives the PBoC plenty of scope to ease policy. April consumer prices were up 3.4% on the year, broadly within the central bank’s acceptable range. But food inflation is still running at 7% and for many of China’s poorest, this is the inflation rate that really counts.
The other problem with easing monetary policy is that it perpetuates the imbalances within China’s economy. Deeply negative real interest rates have effectively transferred wealth from households to industrialists. This sort of financial repression has forced Chinese into buying property at inflated prices and has made the operators of state-owned enterprises and politicians who control land distribution immensely wealthy.
Reinflating the property bubble might halt popular resentment among those Chinese middle classes who are heavily invested. But the question is whether policy is likely to be successful in this. Inventory levels are high and prices are so far away from what can be supported by salaries that even with a loosening of restrictions it’s not clear that prices could be refloated.”
Later, guys. πŸ˜‰

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Rants Part 2- Jerry Springer- aka Chinese Life, Death and Chinese Opera

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 17, 2012

Here is a rant from the King, the resident China expert whose heart is so big it can barely stand the pain he witnesses here. Seriously, The King takes part in many philanthropic organizations and is a knowledgeable and all-around good guy. (ps Brew, I got two rants from you, did I miss any? Will post the longer one in a few hours.)

The King brings us the ‘real’
All Rise….

Watch these pretty nosed freaks of nature “dance” and sing boy bandesque, have an autistic meltdown, nightly with the war gongs of Chinese opera, watch that stupid Sheep cartoon, with the mother fucking do do do dee dee dee deee do dooooo de de de de de de doooo dooooo. YOUuuuuu know the one. 45 minutes of dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dooo doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.’ Then watching the Takeshi’s castle (Japanese game show with the obstical courses), Cham Paradise, boy that was sooo much fun watching chinese fairies strut around with Pesudo Kungfu moves, and then not pass the first machine, (because it’s spinning around and he’s wet or something, so when he falls his leg goes one way and another. (THerapy I tell you Wtd, pure therapy).

Well I just sent a distress beacon home to Canada. asking my mom to look up my Areopoints (they expire soon). I’m leaving China, too many weird Jerry Springer like wackyiness like sure my dad thinks this is ok, and has adapted to this for 10 years, but I’m still young. I still have a future, Canmerica needs young volunteers to help homeless, and care for people. I can’t wait around in my apartment like for 2 years, because I’m hiding from “the dragon” (ok, to describe my mom in law, she’s like the bushman on “Gods must be crazy”. (facial features), except in that case the Bushman is nice she’s evil, and the Bushman is a Negro, and she’s potasium skinned weirdo.

What else can I rant on. Oh yeah, all these two months of hell, I’ve come up with a idiot proof way to ferry out North Korean humans (Christians, and anyone who’s suffering. I could care less about the asswipes int hat country, I only care about victims of violence of any ethnicity period). Hell they could be hobbits or Eflings for all that matters. Anyways, I build or a church many churches in the states build a sail boat, pimp it out with fast engines, then pretend it’s some rich dude’s boat in China, where it clandestinely makes quick crossings into S Korea, or American bases (ie Okinawa, Taiwan), I’ve observed the lack of law enforcement, may suck in the case of civilization, but in this case it’s a benifit, cops don’t give a flying fuck in China. so like dress the refugees up as tourists with silly hats and flags, wander a dirty crowd of migrant farmers, or something, take a dirty slow train, and no, they don’t check for ID, or better a fast train (the death one and hope to God that God blesses it (he probaly will because you’re ferrying out Christians). then rest up in a Chinese port say one CLOSE to Korea, or Shanghai, where one can just make a bee line for Japan, with a speed boat, or the Xiamen-Kenmen crossing (but since the cops in Taiwan, are essensially Chinese (dickheads angry dickheads that make angry grumpy well you know what I mean). sounds. then perhaps sailing furhter to an army base (AMERICAN), wave a white flag tell them you’re with Durahana (or other congregations involved in the underground).

One theroetically sail them out of Shenchen, into HK, (but essensially HK IS China. this would be extremely tricky. but a quick disembark could get them to Admiralty station in 15 min, then a short 3 min hike up a hill to the US counsilate). or better still, just go to the IFC and boom you’re right there at the Canadian one no need for inconspicious walking).

Needless to say once I get back to Canmerica, I’m never taking my freedoms for granted again. I will be working extensively with the Korean Underground. And unleashing the imagination of 3 years worth of pain. I’m feeling the hurtz Wtd.

I will be making a blog, (I’ll conect it to yours), especially one section for especially heartless and cold murders. and making a memorial for the victims of the big stinky. I will be donating alot to the Nippon foundation (suck it China suck it hard), because this Crown chairity works to promote peace and progress in Asia. (especially raise money to rid our world of undesirable occupants namely polio. While China…… China does everything it can to welcome these unholy creatures to our world. Good job China. I will seriously begin the divorce procedures of disassociating myself with the proud central of the celestrial world race the Zhoungmenhui, (Stinky Chinese). This will be a new chapter in my life. I’m honestly thinking about Vietnamese (because at least they WANT peace with the world, with America, and are slowly unwinding themselves from the Communism).

Like my dad kept on telling me wild tales about plantations (and what I had in my mind’s eye was a Gone with the Wind like plantation, not one of those crumbling huts with a bunch of overgrown crap fields, nurtured by irrgation of black water). My dad is still on Blame whitey mode. I used to be like this in HIGH SCHOOL. and early college. but then I grew up. I found more useful enterprises for my young vigor volunteering. I think my dad is AFRAID of coming back to Canada, because like a jailed person he’s institutionalized. WTD please get the fuck out of China, before you get institutionalized. I can assume from your references (like Oz (the jail show), and other such generation x references you’re of Generation X). Like I’m scared shitless like my dad also, for 3 years I could have gone back to college, for Good, joined the army, joined the French Foreign Legion. gone on some wild adventure where I’m rebuilding this fallen world. I came because my dad said something about NTD training, and a potential job. all I’ve been doing for 3 years is just hide in my apartment, because I really can’t go to the office, because the dragon is there.

Like how do I readjust? Do I work out extensively to make myself bootcamp ready? do I continue to volunteer. (I donated blood in Shanghai recently, that’s my only legacy in the big stinky). oh let me tell you about the shinanagans of blood donation, you can only donate during BANKERS hours, you can only donate 1 every SIX months (where in the real world, it’s 2 months). this means 2 every year, it’ll take me 25 years just to get to 50. in Canada these 3 years wasted would have netted me 18 donations, and given me around 60 or 70 donations. (I’m at 56 or so in Canada, and 4 in Hong Kong, or will be once I go there and pick up my shit before my return back to Canada). I lost so much progress, coming because my dad is old drunk and confused. He has so many mistresses. sired at least 2 mutant children, I mean one, because the girl is technically a bought baby from the streets when Fa needed a barganing chip collerteral to make sure my dad doesn’t run off.

So it’s been non stop me watching some pretty boys prance around to the tune of “ambitious” (those epic warrior sounding MAndo-pop), that goes aye yee yeeee ayyeee ayyeee ayyeee ayyeee niiiee nieee ayye naayeenye. and other animal sounds.

Fuck you China fuck you.

Be seated

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