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Made in China, Death in America-Chinese Lighter Kills Man

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 19, 2012

China has done it, launched weapons of mass destruction on the USA. They come in the form of all the stuff they export to us.


William B. Clemmer of Stephenville, TX dies after a Chinese-made MK disposable lighter exploded in his pocket and caused severe burns over half his body. Expert examination of the MK disposable lighter discovered that manufacturing and design defects could allow debris to collect on the globe seal. This would prevent the MK disposable light from completely sealing the lighter orifice. So even after a user has “closed” the lighter and put it away, gas could keep flowing and keep a miniscule flame burning. The flame might be too small for you to see it behind the windscreen, but it’s not too small to cause an explosion and deadly fire.

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