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Toxic Chinese Dry Wall, Toxic Chinese Economy….Toxic China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 19, 2012

Omfg Big Bad Aaed Brewman just. Kicked uncle chicom right in his Lilliputian nut sack!
Brew brings it on this comment. Take your time, read, and forward this before the shithole that is China , becomes the shithole USA. Btw I like the moniker, the Trinity From Hell…King, Bad Boy Brew And your humble author W……

The BrewMan Rocks

Sit the fuk up and pay attention you mealy mouthed apologists….

Lord Chovanec is a genius – he’d be considered an Albert Einstein if it weren’t for the Holy Trinity from Hell: WT, King and Brewskie. Here he slams the Sledge Hammer of Truth so thunderously, the jittery commie cockroaches scatter like hair-brained particles in the Large Hadron Collider; nervous, scared about the moaning, grinding fault lines grind awakened from Chovanec’s fury. They should be scared because fault lines reveal the wimpy foundation of China’s ill-suited political structure, faulty economics – …and of course! – their dodgy buildings.

Let’s see a recent post about a specialty of Patrick – real estate. To simply things, I’ll highlight the statistics.


– Year-on-year sales in Q1, for all real estate, was down 14.6%.
– Residential property sales were down 17.5%
– Office sales were down -10.2%
– Sales in January-February were a disaster, falling 20.9% overall, compared to the first two months of 2011, -24.7% for residential.
– Total amount of floor space “for sale” was up 35.5%, compared to the same date last year
– Floor space of residential units “for sale” grew 47.4%.
– At the end of 2011, total floor space “under construction” was roughly 4.6 times the floor space sold
– A year and a half worth of excess inventory is hidden somewhere in the pipeline
– New starts in April fell 14.6% year-on-year and 27.0% month-on-month, for property as a whole
– Housing starts fell -14.4% year-on-year and -23.4% month-on-month
– Office starts fell -21.0% year-on-year in April, and -45.1% compared to March
– Retail property starts fell -18.7% year-on-year, and -36.8% compared to March
– Land sale revenues in April (RMB 27 billion) were down -54.7% compared to April last year
– Foreign funding for property development was down -91.4% in March and -80.8% in April, compared to the same months last year.

It looks like the “Bad Boy Bo” soap opera saga isn’t over. The reds are patching together for a drive to oust security chief Zhou Yongkang, a loyal fellow to Bo.


Third, how much will shitty Chinese-made drywall – plus pipes, plumbing fixtures, and residential windows – cost US homeowners? A lot.


“The Construction Defect Center is warning all US homeowners, homebuilders, or contractors to think twice about buying cheap Chinese building products. The group says, “Ever hear about toxic Chinese drywall? Toxic Chinese drywall was being imported into the US as late as early 2009, its all over the US Southeast, and when its all said and done, its going to be a disaster that’s going to cost tens, and tens of billions of dollars, or more to fix. Trust us, buying cheap Chinese building products is no bargain.” The Construction Defect Center is also very concerned about Chinese made residential windows, plumbing fixtures, pipes, pretty much you name it. They say, “Our biggest worry about Chinese made building products is they do not stand behind their products. As an example at this moment there is only one Chinese drywall maker standing behind their toxic Chinese drywall product. This company is actually German owned. The other Chinese drywall makers are doing basically nothing, or they no longer understand English. Even more regrettable is the fact the US has no trade agreement with the Chinese with teeth, when it comes to their seemingly never ending river of defective products. How stupid are we?”


They say, “For anyone thinking we are exaggerating about Chinese building products ultimately hurting the end user, take a good look at what toxic Chinese drywall does to air conditioning coils in Florida, and then try to tell us that would be good for your health. While imported toxic Chinese drywall might be an extreme example, we are also terrified about imported Chinese plumbing products, windows, appliances, electrical devices, cabinets, etc. Do you really save money, when the repair cost is twice, or three times as much as the original purchase?

The Construction Defect Center is strongly encouraging the US to get back into the construction products manufacturing business. The group fears the short term cost savings of importing defective Chinese building products are far outweighed by the costs associated with repairing the aftermath of defective Chinese building products. The group says, “Why do business with a country, that has a no return policy on its defective products? The Chinese are not the Japanese, when it comes to having pride in the manufactured products it produces. Worse yet, we don’t think the Chinese care about the quality of their products at all. The bottom line in all of this is, if the Chinese will not stand behind their building products, perhaps its time we either re-start making building products again, or we find a trading partner, that values quality, and customer satisfaction.”

Coming tomorrow: Chinese “cloning” (again, you’ll see what I mean) and soon… the vault opens!!! I can’t wait.

2 Responses to “Toxic Chinese Dry Wall, Toxic Chinese Economy….Toxic China”

  1. Me said

    Brew for Pres, King for VP, Fuck American Politicians

    • Brewskie said

      I think you should call the Holy Trinity from Hell – WT, King and Brew – for prez. We’re all equal partners in crime here. 😉

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