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Coming Collapse of San Francisco’s Made in China Bridge!!!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 20, 2012

The BrewMan get my vote for Pres. San Francisco’s Bay bridge made by the Chinese is a piece of metallic shit….You have to read this!!!

The King of Brews!

“Shit, I hope your info pipe doesn’t burst like a Chinese one, but again… just gotta pop it up.

Does the reputation of China’s laggard construction industry concern you – are you worried the Asian Tiger’s building the replacement for the San Fransisco-Oakland Bridge? Too late – waaayyy too late.


Construction of the tower portion of the Bay Bridge’s new eastern span is running months behind schedule, amid questions over whether key portions being made at a Chinese steel plant are defective.

Inspectors hired by Caltrans to monitor the fabrication of steel girders that will support the tower’s roadway reported finding cracked welds last year, Caltrans records show.

The discovery has raised the question whether Bay Area taxpayers are getting a substandard product that could wear out prematurely and require costly repairs in a decade or two.

Caltrans and others in charge of the bridge construction say the welds are safe and that fixes have been made – but also say the inspectors interpreted the welding standards too rigidly.

Meanwhile, the inspection outfit that sounded the alarm has since been replaced.


The welding holdup is reminiscent of the flap four years ago when union whistle-blowers said faulty welds had gone unrepaired inside pilings for the skyway portion of the span. A resulting federal investigation came up empty – but not before it halted bridge work for weeks and cost taxpayers millions.

This time, the welds in question are contained in 900 bridge panels that are being assembled into football field-size deck sections that will stretch across the 1,800-foot-long tower portion. The sections were supposed to have begun arriving from China in October, but now they aren’t expected to get here until at least April.”


Soon after ZPMC started production in late 2007, however, the inspectors hired by Caltrans began finding problems – specifically, an unacceptably large number of welding flaws in the new panels – according to internal agency memos and e-mails turned over to The Chronicle under a Public Records Act request.

In a memo dated March 6, 2008, supervisor Patrick Lowrey of the inspection firm MacTec Engineering and Consulting reported that as many as 65 percent of the more than 30 welded panel sections his office examined – either visually or using ultrasonic testing – failed to meet specifications.


Four days later, Merrill wrote to Caltrans principal engineer Peter Siegenthaler to complain about the “random weld quality” on more than 100 panels and recommended that the entire production be halted until ZPMC improved its welding process.

On another panel that had been similarly repaired, Velasco wrote, his team did a spot check and found cracks in more than a dozen new welds.

So with the bad welds piling, how did Caltrans deal with the faulty project? They took a page out of the CCP playbook: they silenced the critics by firing them. The stupid bastards are JUST like the corrupt local guv boyz in China who are in bed with the developers: concerned only about taking their cut, and not giving a damn about the people.

This is going to cost California A LOT.

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Chen Guangchen Arrives in US, so….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 20, 2012

Chen Guangchen, the blind Chinese lawyer arrived in the US, which is touted as a victory for human rights in China. Color me jaded, but he is merely one man. Wouldn’t it be nice to help the four or five million Tibetans who are being brutalized? To me that would be much more of a human rights feat.

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Political Pressure Allows Deadly Chinese Chicken into the USA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 20, 2012

Must read stuff from a must read website. Www.foodandwaterwatch.org

Food & Water Watch submits petition to remove China from list of eligible exporters of poultry products

Washington, D.C. – Food & Water Watch today submitted a Citizen Petition asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) to remove the People’s Republic of China from the list of countries eligible to export processed poultry products to the United States.

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, Food & Water Watch has found that the USDA’s process for approving a rule that would grant China permission to export processed poultry products to the United States has been flawed and serious mistakes were made due to pressure on the agency to allow the imports to begin as soon as possible.

“In the long running saga of whether or not the U.S. should allow poultry processed in China to enter the United States, we now have evidence of instances where the USDA broke its own rules,” said Food & Water Watch’s Executive Director Wenonah Hauter. “USDA needs to do a thorough evaluation of whether this is a country that can safely produce processed poultry products for the U.S. market. They shouldn’t rush through the process for political reasons.”

Food & Water Watch has been fighting for more careful scrutiny of proposed Chinese poultry exports to the U.S. since 2005. Through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed with FSIS, the consumer advocacy non-profit has uncovered several flaws in the process to include China on the list of approved importers. Some of the most troubling findings include:

In its haste to get a final rule announced in time for a visit to the United States by the Chinese President in 2006, USDA missed required steps in the approval process and failed to send the rule to the USDA Office of Civil Rights for review;

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