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Picture of Hell

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 23, 2012

This photo is what I’d like to call ‘hell’. The poor guy buried under all of the trash epitomizes what it must be like to be on the shit list of some higher power.

Its like this….some voice talks to you and says its your time to go to earth, so you say uh ok

The voice- but you know u pissed me off right
u- yeah, sorry
The voice- you’re only sorry for you got caught
The voice- now its time for pay back…

And whammo, you are thrust into a teeming pool of sharks who sell everything from their virginity to internal organs for a month or two of respect, all the while running from the long arm of some unseen presence whose control is predicated on knocking you down each time you attempt to act human. On top of this, the power makes sure you go to a place with no moral backing ensuring that even if you did find your way, there are plenty of people willing to strip you of your dignity, after all, how else will they feel different from the other 1,339,999,999,999 people?

Then the power shoves you towards an old rickety bike that was made in China and says “fill the cart on the back of that bike with stinky crap and peddle around China till I tell you to stop.”

Then the voice chuckles…

And you begin the descent into the cold dark place called hell….

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China Knocking off Morgan Stanley- Heaven Help Us

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 23, 2012

China, known for those four famous inventions: cruelty, xenophobia, piracy and theft is looking to corner the market on a new product- brokerage houses. While your humble author is no expert on things financial, I do know that Chinese and trust are as compatible as ammonia and bleach, they do not play well together. And, as far as I have heard, finances and their management, goes hand in glove with things such as trust and ethics, or so they should. When they do not, we get crises, meltdowns, Madoffs and Enrons. But, if you think that those guys were bad, you have never been to China. What the rest of us see as a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ in terms of morals, does not exist here. I may tell little white falsehoods, and you may reciprocate, there is usually a kernel of truth to what I have said. For instance, I may say that my yearly sales were 55 million when they were 52.5mm, and consider the rest a rounding error. The Chinese, however, will claim sales of 55 million when in reality they do not even own a company nor a car, it is all a lie.

Putting people like that in charge of other peoples money is like entrusting your blood stream with a needle full of the hantavirus, although not immediately mortal, its a losing proposition nonetheless.

Here is what our friends from China have been up to..


“SHANGHAI, May 23 (Reuters) – China is rolling out sweeping brokerage reforms to nurture future global investment banks that officials hope could eventually compete with the likes of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, a regulatory document showed.”


ps how do you like the pic of the Chinese sun….

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China is SICK- No Facebook, YouTube Etc

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 23, 2012

China is being called SICK, by it’s netizens. The acronym stands for, Syria,Iran,China and North Korea, countries who block Facebook.(yeah YouTube is stil blocked, along with twitter, Facebook and any site about human rights. In addition all WordPress and blogspot blogs are blocked)

As for me, I give not one shit about Facebook, that dude suckerberg looks like he belongs behind a boiling vat of McDonald’s French fries, and what about his fat assed Asian wife? Where the hell did he find such a dumpy looking beast?

Anyway, the term SICK, is nothing more than an attempt to show the world how truly fouled up China is. When you can be lumped into a group with country’s like Syria, Iran and North Korea for anything, you know your leaders are the human equivalent of excrement.

The good news is that the Chinese are dumping more of their vile offal onto our shores.
Here is the play, for all of you who are too dense to get it. China is tight now, I mean ready to burst. So these Chicoms send their kids to freedom, just like in 1989, during the massacre.

Then, when this place blows up, all those 150,000 sons of Satan chicom sons and daughters will claim asylum. Sixty thousand of the bastards did it in 1989, and now we have three times as many of them. Ironically enough, their moms and dads are the reason for chinas strife so they deserve to be sent back to china for struggle sessions and humiliation. After all, the cash they have comes from the sale of land after the killing of its rightful owners, or from stealing and selling babies, or from other such acts of treachery. China was better under Mao, these people are not civilized yet.

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