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Picture of Hell

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 23, 2012

This photo is what I’d like to call ‘hell’. The poor guy buried under all of the trash epitomizes what it must be like to be on the shit list of some higher power.

Its like this….some voice talks to you and says its your time to go to earth, so you say uh ok

The voice- but you know u pissed me off right
u- yeah, sorry
The voice- you’re only sorry for you got caught
The voice- now its time for pay back…

And whammo, you are thrust into a teeming pool of sharks who sell everything from their virginity to internal organs for a month or two of respect, all the while running from the long arm of some unseen presence whose control is predicated on knocking you down each time you attempt to act human. On top of this, the power makes sure you go to a place with no moral backing ensuring that even if you did find your way, there are plenty of people willing to strip you of your dignity, after all, how else will they feel different from the other 1,339,999,999,999 people?

Then the power shoves you towards an old rickety bike that was made in China and says “fill the cart on the back of that bike with stinky crap and peddle around China till I tell you to stop.”

Then the voice chuckles…

And you begin the descent into the cold dark place called hell….

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