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Chinese Guy Visits America, Tries to Ship ‘Nuk-a-fi-albe’ Stuff Back Home

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 25, 2012

The sad thing is that the company the Chinese guy works for is listed on the NASDAQ…

“Johnson Hu, a Chinese employee of the Shanghai office of the Nasdaq-listed MKS Instruments, has been arrested by the US Attorney’s Office in Boston for allegedly using false licenses to export to China pressure transducers that are able to produce weapons-grade uranium.
MKS Instruments provides equipment and systems that measure, control and detect gases to semiconductor manufacturers who produce optic fibers and flat panel displays among other products.
Hu was arrested at a hotel in Andover, Massachusetts and was charged with violating US export regulations to sell over thousand units of the equipment worth over US$6.5 million to China, according to Global Newswire, an international news network focusing on finance and investment.
He used his status as sales manager of the firm’s Shanghai office to obtain export permits by illegally using the information of MKS clients or other companies and has ”

from here

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Chinese Delivery Driver

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 25, 2012

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Past Times Chinese Would Dminte if They Were Olympic Games

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 25, 2012

If the Olympics ever. Took up these games, China would rule

Sidewalk shit
Cell phone screech
Caught in closing subway door
Subway door sprint then bounce off as closes
Copy anything
Bone density of an 80 year old……stolen from big bang theory
Baby hand wave at laogai
Language lesson plead, free of course
Wrong elevator entry
Escalator fuck up

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Driving Miss Daisy, China Style- Or How to Murder in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 25, 2012

The King Rants and Raves and tells it like it is in China

From The King


This reminds me of a movie where this young yuppie couple tries to kill an elder lady in their apartment…..good ol young Chinese generation. Truly Kali Yuga (age of Iron), like insensitive cold blooded….

Shanghai the chode of the world, the universe….. a man stabs another man over a pet dog. Good going China. keep being stinky.


Holy shit, just how much CAN the Chinese economy shrink? manufacturing shrinks again. (wtd, you’re in the industry logistics side, what do all these look like on a daily basis care to share a live fire description of all this doom and gloom econmics?)


Black money, lenders once again trying a practice that fucked everything up. These morons just don’t learn do they? Well shame me once shame on you, fool me twice Shame on me…… Have fun losing more money gangsters. Please shoot them up before they flee this time. I can always use more death on my reports.


Ever fancy being a Red Guard? 300000 RMB for the job!


Chinese being big babies over more Senkaku island infantile bullshit.


Thank you Mr Damos for being a human in a sea of stinky beasts. Mr Damos helps a Shanghainese who fainted…. As a person who helped a confused and inhebriated elder back to his apartment, as others ignored his plight for assistance with drunk insanity…. It does feel good being chivary!


neglent grandpa went to the john, as his crazy grandson decided to ride his big wheels trike on a FREEWAY. Honestly just people just let natural selection do it’s job. To think where the Chinese could be now, if millenias of retardation, and retarded grunts who drool is considered a beauty statement and honour (ancestors of todays Red Princesses (yes princess, there are no males here in China).


Teacher tries to give a tan to naughty children…. All the teenagers from California suddenly became Chinese students now, like For Sure……. like like like….


Well of course the torture victim died of Diareah…. you red guards kept on shoving the zappy up his ass. Wha the hell was his bowels supposed to do? and this is why he died of “illness”.


Horny downloader of internet porn, stabs cock blocking blue balling (physiologly of penis when arrousal is denied and blood quickly exits dick) internet cafe worker. Well maybe the interent cafe doesn’t want a fuck load of Chinese cyber AIDS (viruses for which there is no cure like REAL AIDS).


Good good, jobs slowly returning to America, and detroit of all places. Good, now the city can slowly rebuild… Bring them ALL BACK, computers especially. Televisions made in America.


Chinese murderer in Japan, given 2 more years for trying to escape, wow spent his life in jail….. good going you dumb fuck.


Japan to China: “Fuck you China”. Japan world’s largest building…. lol. Fuck you China… Fuck you. (This is good because it’ll cram more business and stuff in Japan, and thus democracy is solidified.


Child dies of Hand Food Mouth Disease


Chinese terrorist Patrotic hero, throws 4 firebombs at Japanese embasy in South Korea, finds out that Laws actually DO work and exist in democratic country.

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