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Chinese Guy Visits America, Tries to Ship ‘Nuk-a-fi-albe’ Stuff Back Home

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 25, 2012

The sad thing is that the company the Chinese guy works for is listed on the NASDAQ…

“Johnson Hu, a Chinese employee of the Shanghai office of the Nasdaq-listed MKS Instruments, has been arrested by the US Attorney’s Office in Boston for allegedly using false licenses to export to China pressure transducers that are able to produce weapons-grade uranium.
MKS Instruments provides equipment and systems that measure, control and detect gases to semiconductor manufacturers who produce optic fibers and flat panel displays among other products.
Hu was arrested at a hotel in Andover, Massachusetts and was charged with violating US export regulations to sell over thousand units of the equipment worth over US$6.5 million to China, according to Global Newswire, an international news network focusing on finance and investment.
He used his status as sales manager of the firm’s Shanghai office to obtain export permits by illegally using the information of MKS clients or other companies and has ”

from here

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