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Must See Video of Chinese Quality

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 26, 2012

Check it

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China Sets 2 Fly In Toilet Rule

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 26, 2012

Read this then my comment below
“Beijing: Beijing’s municipal government has set new standards for public toilets management in the city, which included the number of flies in public toilets should be no more than two.”

My twin cents
Ok, so let me get this. In china you can shit on the step of a restaurant or a faucet in McDonalds, but you can only have two flies in the toilet? China fk yourself


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Chinese Are Short

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 26, 2012

Im a little over six feet tall, but in china they scream “godzirra” and run when They see me.

It’s no lie, these people are short. At my work there are several guys under five feet tall, they are all from the south. Beijingers and northerners tend to be a bit taller, so imagine just how short the people in southern china are.

The odd thing is that if today the average height of a china person is five two, then how short we’re they before?
Our second president was five seven back in 1796, so if we extrapolate back, the typical china man would have been something like four two.

Going further back, we see that when china peaked dutring the tang dynasty, the average citizen was as tall as your four year old nephew, or a hair bigger than an end lamp. Regressing some more, we see when that sick bastard called Qin unified these people, they were the size of a sugar cube around the time of Jesus.

But china is five thousand years old, or so they say. So my guess is that back then the shit heel emperor lorded over a colony of nothing more than microscopic deceitful little enzymes.

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