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Buffet Backs Chinese Death Mobile- BYD goes Boom!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 28, 2012

The King caught this one, so I thought I’d kick it to the ground. Warren Buffet, the panda panderer, bought into a heaping hunk of Chinese shit called BYD. The company is run by a guy who graduated from a Chinese college, so he didn’t learn a thing.
The problem is that this guy sells heavy objects that go fast. And in china, that’s a deadly combo. So, one of his killer cars caught fire and three people died. Yeah, china the wonderful tech leader.


“SHANGHAI—BYD Co., the Warren Buffett-backed Chinese auto maker, faces a setback in its electric car business after one of its e6 vehicles caught fire in a collision on Sunday that killed three people in the southern city of Shenzhen.”


One Response to “Buffet Backs Chinese Death Mobile- BYD goes Boom!”

  1. Live from communist china said

    Great idea right? Get a Chinese company to mix caustic if not explosive chemicals with which to propel vehicles.

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