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Heartless Chinese Jump From Burning Bus- Only Foreigner Offers Assistance

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2012

This comes from the King (along with others that I will post). the story is that as a bus burned in China, all of the Chinese jumped from it, refusing to help one another. An Italian came to the rescue.
The funny thing is that Uncle chicom has started his ‘anti-foreigner’ campaign, as he deems us all bad. I seem to recall other stories, like one in Shanghai, where a foreign man was the only one to come to the aid of a Chinese woman who was stabbed by her son in the airport. China will never be civilized.

From The King
“Foreigner does the human thing and help cordon off a burning bus as Chinese specators crap in the streets and jump and down in a fearful jingonistic frenzy of monkey king and shit. good job being stupid china.

“Before I got to the site, passengers had jumped off the bus,” he said. He stayed to prevent passers-by from getting close to the bus. “Some people didn’t realize there was an accident and some didn’t seem to understand its danger,” he said.

He couldn’t speak Chinese but was using his body language to remind others of the potential danger of getting close.

He was the only volunteer on the site to keep the order before the police arrived, while others just watched aside or passed by quickly.

“How to cope with disasters is one of my majors,” he said.

“When I was in Italy, I taught students in the master’s of civil engineering for risk management at Politecnico di Milano,” he said. “Here at Tongji, I’m involved in research on landslide prevention and monitoring.”


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