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Riots, Investment Escaping China and More Chinese News..

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2012

Here is your daily ration of irrational China. From The once and Future King

The King…


Cheap boss denies his loyal young employee a proper pay, kills him, and starts a riot.


Wow investors and analysts are only just NOW, questioning the quality of Bu Yao- Death cars? Honestly they get what they deserve. Fuck you investors who keep the big Stinky alive. fuck you. PS thank you Warren for cancelling the Goodwill games, in 2005 my Calgary could have hosted the winter games. But Turner merged with Time, and they cancelled the Goodwill games, that honest peace loving citizens have to go back and restore eventually. Turner a humanitarian and role model of mine, is a good person screwed over by Warren. So fuck you Warren, Fuck Bu Yao Death, and fuck China!


The CPC can’t stimuate the Chinese economy, because they owe so much! at least 400 hundred years worth in rural areas. That it’s like playing wack a mole, if they come out of the poo squat toliet hole their KTV (Kareoke Bars full of tramps) mothers shit them out of, in a meth addicted bum fuck fit (constpiated orgasm). The Chinese public will just bonk them back down the hole again.


Yayeeeee jobs are leaving the big Stinky, this means Wtd and I can be plucked from this stinky stinky place. More western companies are packing up and leaving.


Stinky street shitters escape to Sacremento and other beautiful American suburbs, Richmond BC, as the CPC implodes.


Are the Chinese honestly THIS STUPID? this is why we lock up our bikes as kids in the bike racks. Anyways 1000, of those city rental bikes goes missing.


Foreigner does the human thing and help cordon off a burning bus as Chinese specators crap in the streets and jump and down in a fearful jingonistic frenzy of monkey king and shit. good job being stupid china.


It is a well documented FACT that Maoist era china was extremely disrespectful to anything sacred. A graveyard sancuary, consecrated grounds that even the Immortals from Highlander are forbidden to fight in, was uprooted to make a park, and their tombstones to mark the personal sancuary of someone’s holy remains, were used as FOOTPATHS. China oooohhhh you sunk to a new low.


Duck restraunt apologizes for gutter oil. Good job apologizing, let’s give you a fucking medal!


Another Bo ally is purged. booo fucking hoo.


15 European companies want out of the Big Stinky.


Chinese street shitting diplomat abuses Diplomatic immunity, or rather has the hollywood notion of it. See when people do stupid shit in the country, a host country can still kick them out under the get the fuck out (Persona Non Grata), clause.


Goddamit goddamit goddamit goddammit. The Spanish governmet just sells it’s facilities to China, that they sweated blood and cried piss to build.


Chinese stinky floppy haired fag steals money by hacking.Fuck you China

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