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Comunists Pimp out 12 Year Olds

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 29, 2012

China is the land of opportunity and the communists are hard after a buck. In the blurb below, we see that some of the filth that run China were caught pimping out girls from 12-15 years old.
Unfortunately this should not come as a surprise. They say all the hookers here pay off the cops who pay the commies.
Two Chinese Communist Party officials have been implicated in two separate cases of the rape and prostitution of young girls.

Last month, six men were arrested and three others detained over a child prostitution ring in the city of Yongkang in eastern China’s Zhejiang province. The ring allegedly forced more than 20 junior middle school students from three schools to provide sexual services to local men in February. Arrests were made on April 5 but the story was not reported until May 27.


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Glorious Chinese History

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 29, 2012

Here is a question. Why is it that it is always some ignorant Mao jacket wearing shit stick of a foreigner that waxes poetic about the glory of chinas past?

Well heres to you mr fktard. Much of what we know about chinas glorious past comes from stories, not coincidentally, told by Chinese. And of course, these Chinese are embarrassed that up till ten years ago they all shit in public toilets, huddled like pigs in a field. Of course they want to make the MOTHERLAND, sound like paradise, but was it ever?

As for me I say shove Suzhou up yer stinky pie hole, cuz I for one am not buying it.

Think of it like this. If the ancient Chinese were so brilliant, then why is china a despotic sinkhole of oppression and filth? Were they hit by a once in a lifetime asteroid of ignorance and foolhardiness that forced all the gentrified Chinese to pass on?

Call me cynical, but IMHO this place was never capable of being called Civil……
Fk u china, I just ordered KFC

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Chinese Steel, Mao and Attention Whores

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 29, 2012

Here is a delight from the King of Rants!!

all rise

Man I’m glad there are huge churches that I can join in Calgary, when they put me in a poor house, as I train to be a social working Jedi knight. Then when I’m good and ready the CPC will really get it up the pipe, when I set up some bible printing operation in one of the many shitty ratty ??? shops (you know the ones attached to these strange buildings, with the trash, dirty windows, and broken sliding doors….. just throw some gabage around the doors and the cops won’t notice. This shinanagans of the Chinese is quite enough. Sadly, this gesture and other aid won’t amount to much, just a few will awaken. The Chinese are soulless.

I’d definatly be giving the prison ministries support. Like coming out of this Chinese Jenkem induced coma is freaky I’m 2 years behind, lost in a time warp. It’s still 2008 in my head! So I can imagine for Prisoners or Freemen, they must be really shitting their pants, not to help ‘street crap split pants’ in everything I am. A “Freeman”. (just like on Dune). So honestly people please please please please skip China. Go to Brazil, a DEMOCRATIC country, and lol help out from time to time Freedom grows when Camericans stand up and say ENOUGH IS FUCKING ENOUGH. like a mother fucking bad ass in valley death Marine.

To all those Camericans who sold democracy for a few extra 50 cents on the dollar. Looks at Buffette Fuck you. Now I have to work tripple as hard to support the Freeworld (deficit of this little misadventure baby split pants land, for myself-family, and for Freedom). I’m a Scout! This is what Scouts DO. Serve their Queen, Country and Fellow man. Serve God’s cause, a peaceful and progressive society.


One of many Mao’s bastard children, want to continue his work. Same ugly mole, and same fucked up fuck face. God that KTV girl must have been really really ugly.

http://www.shanghaidaily.com/nsp/National/2012/05/27/3%2Bdie%2Bin%2Bcollision/ Drunk Chinese taxi driver kills 3 people. my death report goes up by 3.

http://www.shanghaidaily.com/nsp/National/2012/05/27/Woman%2Bdetained%2Bafter%2BIndian%2Bheld%2Bas%2Bcaptive/ I honestly hate it when foreigners come to China. Why? because this country is a fucking hell hole, then they waste precious years of their life. Chasing money that might not exist, because some sneaky Chinese shitman might have lied to him. See doesn’t happen as much in Democratic countries (Brazil), because…. there are LAWS! And there is Church, GOD’S LAW. Human law doesn’ throw you into the BIG HOUSE in the ground, where demons rape your sweet sweet ass. The Church, also strives to treat you well, like a human. Dictatorships treat you like shit so you do shit, you eat shit, you act shit, you smell shit…… STAY THE FUCK OUT OF CHINA LAOWAIS. (You deserve BETTER). anyways, Indian man held captive by a “Madame”.

http://rss.cnn.com/~r/rss/cnn_world/~3/atxus3pEaK4/index.html Speaking of Laowais such as myself China is working to kick out. Okay let’s all go to BRAZIL. Cha cha cha cha…….. Honestly China do you take yourself this seriously? that people actually enjoy living here in the big stinky stink?


Oklahoma where the wind blows swifly down the plains…… Gets the big not OK…. The problem is unfounded, some building violation…. aka the street shitters are worried that males in the audience gets as a stiffy for sexy healthy cowgirls, and say “Fuck you China”, wait what am I sayin, China men? those andy warhol floppy bunny ear haired estrogen nosed ahhhhh fuck you china fuck you,


Zero reading for demand for steel gage. for 3rd week….. Maybe now the cold hard steel reality would set in. NOBODY cares about Chinese stinky stinky anymore.


Smelly Fruit Bobo (baby, and his last name), graduates and wants to stay in America. Fuck you Bo. Fuck you.


Big Stinky university copies whitehouse for it’s library. Fuck you China fuck you.


China can tribunal all it’s stinky mistakes it wants, but the end of the CPC is nigh. Fuck you China.


Well let’s see here, all the taleted of the past 60 years have fled, died, died-fled…. and only the retarded red guads spent like 10 years banging gongs like retarded 3 year olds in daycare, and “Flash danced” (80’s line dancing) all day while killing the surviving talened, in dunce caps, so like 80 million from the elderly generations died of starvation, high infant mortality (killed all the doctors), and 15 million more died (my reports) of the young die. and with 99.9% of the population starving, infirm and out of the workforce from accidents, CANCER, AIDS, MURDER….. gee I wonder WHY there are huge pension gaps? and huge holes in the work force? I don’t a problem do YOU? Oh don’t forget all the fagtarded pretty noses, who would rather get a pretty nose job, instead of work, and working messes up their floppy hair…. With children dying of all sorts of dieases! I know! It’s JAPAN’S FAULT. Somehow it’s all Japan’s fault. if they hadn’t invaded, then the Chinese would have MORE people and thus wouldn’t have these gaps right? Blame Japan!


I don’t have to worry about this problem, as soon as I reach Canadian soil. I’m scratching up the magntic strips of my cards in the airport washroom, Where I take a nice civilzed shit, without breathing tobbaco, and other ungodly smells, and flushing the cards down the toliet. Then I’m chopping off my ICBC ATM infested fingers, (Calgary recently mastered Cancer free, and efficent growth of stemy I’ll just grow new fingers). But gee it’s dicks like these that prevent growth of the Chinese economy for elder pension (see preceeing rant).


FAKE attention whoring. sociopathic stinky teenager bitch, fakes Lukemeia. Fuck you China.

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Chinese Rails, Tibet and Brewskie

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 28, 2012

Here is a gem from the Brew Man

Bhawahahah! China tries the “bread & butter” move from the CCP playbook called propaganda (isn’t that more like the “moldy bread & sour butter” play?) Having made a buffoon of herself by building a high-speed rail network assembled from Tinker Toys – and yes, what’s are effectively fat, overweight speeding missiles pulling carriages of people are suppose to ride on them – China tries to make good by rebuilding busted rail bridges in NE China.


Well if China fools you twice, shame on you. What they teach in you in the working world is do the job right, the first time, or don’t do it at all: would you trust an open heart surgeon who had to call back 70% of his patients for do-overs, because he botched the 1st tries? Insurance companies sure the hell wouldn’t And if we had any architectural firm in the US that built apartment buildings the way China does, you know the lawsuit locusts and army ant regulators would swarm on them like “Moses magic” and eat that firm alive!

If you habitually fuck up the 1st time, odds are, you aren’t competent for seconds either: that was evidenced by a post I mentioned earlier on this blog, where the section of a road in Tibet collapsed TWICE in one year!!!


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Buy American

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 28, 2012

Here is a site from the King. It’s a place to buy all American made goods


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Over Half Chinas Urban Water Polluted, The Other Half is Lead

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 28, 2012

China is hell bent on fouling up as much of the planet as they can. But don’t worry, the chicom bastards have shipped their sin off to the land of Liberty so the locals will be left toting the feces covered stick.
Here is a report saying that 57 percent of chinas urban groundwater is polluted. And remember for china that’s a bold statement. For when their air quality is dangerous by human levels, they call it slightly polluted. If they say their water is bad, then it’s fked.


Underground water in 57% of monitoring sites across Chinese cities have been found to be polluted or extremely polluted, reports the state-run Economic Information Daily, citing figures from the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The ministry statistics also show that 298 million rural residents do not have access to safe drinking water.

In the first half of last year, of the seven main water systems in China, only the Yangtze and Pearl rivers had good water quality, and the Haihe river in north China was heavily polluted, with the others all moderately polluted, according to the ministry.


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Buffet Backs Chinese Death Mobile- BYD goes Boom!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 28, 2012

The King caught this one, so I thought I’d kick it to the ground. Warren Buffet, the panda panderer, bought into a heaping hunk of Chinese shit called BYD. The company is run by a guy who graduated from a Chinese college, so he didn’t learn a thing.
The problem is that this guy sells heavy objects that go fast. And in china, that’s a deadly combo. So, one of his killer cars caught fire and three people died. Yeah, china the wonderful tech leader.


“SHANGHAI—BYD Co., the Warren Buffett-backed Chinese auto maker, faces a setback in its electric car business after one of its e6 vehicles caught fire in a collision on Sunday that killed three people in the southern city of Shenzhen.”


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China Knocking off Hollywood

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 28, 2012

Here is a great excerpt from this site
“A 10-billion-yuan (US$1.58 billion) digital film park nicknamed “Chinawood” will be officially opening in the western Chinese city of Wuxi before the end of the month, paving the way for a new golden age of filmmaking in China,

My only question is , when was the ‘old golden age of film making in China?

Do they call a bunch of xenophobic anti Japanese flicks part of a ‘golden age’? Or perhaps they are referencing those oldies but goodies like:
-“Hey mom suck on this you dirty capitalist roader!”- a heartwarming film of one child’s attempt at defaming his mother before the hutong elders

or perhaps it was

-“Out of my house you capitalist filth!”-a heartwarming film of one child’s attempt at pouring boiling water over his 68 year old primary school teacher becaus she was not red enough…

Yeah, China is known for some great movies….

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Misery in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 28, 2012

The King is keeping an eye on things here and the despair breaks his heart. Thus, he has taken to expose the ills of China, here is some of the fruit of his toils.
The King


Stupid grandparents playing Majong left toxic goo with in reach of their one child investment plan disapointment.


Father of a dead Tiananmen square protestor hangs himself. Good going China.


Monk dead as two immolate….. :_( more death.


Bu Yao Death!!!!! a Birdy electric car explodes, killing 3 people. (wow 5 deaths so far today).


We BLOW, message board is restricted to types of messages.


Convicted…. a lonely elderly man kills 11 kids. (note he was convicted in the 70’s of manslaughter, and second degree murder but was released in the 90’s).


Doctors working with underground gangsters for body parts.


Migrant farmer worker, drowns his kid with cerbral palsy as China does not have competent doctors for service. Fuck you Big Stinky Fuck you.


See China when you coat kid’s clothes in toxic goo dyes, the goo goes throught their sweaty teenage bodies (puberty teenagers smell funny zits, etc), and thus mingles in with their budding growing bodies and hormones, and these hormones now contaminate turns Chinese boy into pretty nosed freaks.



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Message to Internet Cafe in Shanghai

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 27, 2012

To Shanghai cyber cafe’s aka junior red guard xenophobes….

From The King….

Ha ha ha wt, just a message I want to send to this ignorant internet cafe. That didn’t take my foreign passport. Yet this one I’m at now did. oh well it’s only like 5 minute metro away. lol.

hi there you stupid fucker. Guess what?
Since you didn’t let me use the internet, because I was a laowai, so I found another internet cafe!
And they gladly took my passport in and earned 500 RMB…. They are also a cleaner internet cafe less smokers,less people taking a shit on the floor.
Ha ha ha you’re a retard because your mother fucked Japanese soldiers!
China is a dirty country where people like you shit in the streets like animals. Bye bye you stupid fuckhead. PS you really should go back to school.
Your might graduate this time, and earn 1000rmb per month, which is really 60 dollars where I come from. You are a poor stupid farm animal.
You are only good for taking a shit at least shit can grow . I wish you well in life moron!
I forgive you for being a ignorant Chinese person, born in a washroom. It’s not your fault you’re retarded.
I’m returning to my laowai country where internet cafes don’t ask for ID,and I live i a clean house. I honestly do feel bad for you.
You should trust Jesus to bring you to heaven.
See you in heaven!









我回到我的老外的国家,在网吧不问编号,和我住IA干净的房子 。老实说,我心疼你。



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