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Why I Came to CHINA and Ponoka

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 1, 2012

The King is in Fk U China mode, with a wicked rant

The King
God dammit every day I’m in China. I honestly feel like blowing my brains out. Like my chest feels like cement suh anger, such impatiece,such stupidity, such madness…… How did you do it Wtd. Live here for like 10 years? Why did you come? if you don’t mind me asking.

I came because I had shitty autistic marks in college (I’m just going to have to cowboy up and tackle them), and thus my dad mentioned lots of entreprenure projects he had on the go. Such a NDT training, being an Alibabastard (those shysters on Alibaba). I hope I’m not too late to join the Canadian Forces, so I can get at least SOMETHING from this life, with two years wasted here.

Like I though honestly China was a country of greenery and other Jedi monk like zen stuff. I though the would be like Hong Kong (although richer and more civilized, HKers also treat the poor and helpless like dirt). I though this would be like Japan, honestly I thought, and high GDP, and yadda yadda yadda. This is why I’m like foaming at the mouth, to try and freak out your readers so the don’t suffer as we had. (you say Brew and I make a difference?).

If could describe China…… there’s a nuthouse in Ponoka near the capital Edmonton. There’s a joke that, the nuts have escaped when things atypically go gong show (really crappy day at work-life), because Canada’s population is smaller (it being a winter wonderland lol might have something to do with that), so essenially it’s like one big suburbia…. Well some people HAVE escaped Ponoka and settled in China lol. It’s like a bunch of lunatics from criminally insane…. It’s like Joker (the Heath Ledger one), found super villian cloning machine, and let himself loose in China.

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Killer Chinese Plywood

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 1, 2012

Here is video of what China brings to the world

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Communist Newspaper Lauds Corruption, Tells Chines to Accept it

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 1, 2012

File this under fk u dirty communist China.the global times, which is a shit sandwich of communist lies, recently published an article or series of articles on corruption. In essence the commie rag said that corruption is a part of china and cannot be avoided.

The stinking waste of a newspaper then claimed that the people of china should be kind to the commie officials and allow them to be a little dirty. (I am not fabricating this). The rag said that communist officials have a tough life and low salaries, so they may be want to take a little grease money…..WTF WTF.

Are they kidding? Think of it like this. China has dumpster loads of people, the most of whom are salt of the earth. Then they have as a group about the size of the US who are two legged scumsuckers. Part of this group is the 80million to 100 million commies.

The newspaper expects Charlie chinaman to feel sorry for guys like xi jinping, chinas next hitler, a guy who makes only 20k per year but can afford to send his little cancer, aka daughter to Harvard. Aside from him, five of the top nine Chinese hitlers, also have their diseased spawn at the big H.

As for grandpa wen, who looks like he just finished a shit sandwich, his wife controls the Chinese diamond market and his kid has part of a vc firm which backed a Chinese company called synovel which screwed amsc, an American company out of 700 million dollars (they placed orders for controllers for wind turbines then
Reverse engineered the chip and cancelled the order. ) AMSC sued and lost in Hainan court and is going after the Chinese company in Chinese supreme sack of shit, aka supreme court.

Aside from these evil thugs, you have other communist leaders who pimp out twelve year olds, steal babies and kidneys and kill people for land.

Sounds like we really should have pity on the commies, doesn’t it?

Story 1


An editorial published in the Global Times, a nationalistic tabloid run by the Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily suggests members of the public in China should show more understanding and forbearance regarding government corruption, reports Duowei News, an outlet operated by overseas
Chinese.The editorial said that the time is not yet right for China to completely get rid of corruption. It went further to emphasize that corruption is a disease that can never be cured completely in any country, that neither opposition nor reform can eliminate it totally from China and the only thing the government can do is try to control it. The editorial also gave three reasons why the Chinese public should be more tolerant of graft:1. Chinese public opinion does not permit a pay rise for government officials even though the size of their salary is low.2. After their retirement, officials are not permitted to earn more money by doing other business on the back of their own reputation and networks.

And here is an excerpt from the global times of how to identify real corruption

The issue of fighting corruption is one that greatly concerns the public. However, the concept of corruption is also being misused and mistakenly expanded.

For instance, using chemical agent harmful to people’s health on fruits and vegetables is described by some as “corruption.” Sending university admission letters carrying designated bank cards or SIM cards is also ridiculed as “corruption.” It seems that everything bad in society is being attributed to corruption. This is obviously an expansion of the term.

Meanwhile, such expansion can also be seen when people describe activities of authorities and public officers. Negligence of duty is “corruption.” Decision-making failures are corruption. Overfull meetings are corruption. The criticism leveled is potent, but it misses the ….

Communism is a disease and Brew, the King and I are the cure…

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Chinas Economy

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 1, 2012

From the Kingest of me all

China’s economy is in fuck you China mode. hahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahah and thanks this way I can get back to feeding my paper….. :_( this country hurts me in unholy ways.

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“To Get Rich is Glorious”- Deng Xiao Ping-Did He Say it was Ok to Steal?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 1, 2012

The King of Brews and Chinophile, Brewksie has served up a masterpiece. Here is an incredible bit of information regarding corruption in China, or as its known here- just the way we do biz…
(btw, you said that “in the previous year roughly 146,000 corruption cases were investigated”- I just read something where there were over 1 million cases of corruption in the communist party but only 146k or so were investigated. This shows the tremendous amount of crime corruption that makes up China. I will find the link.)
From the Hero of the Heartland- Brewskie

“Okay, gotta start adding to the pile here.
First thing’s first: a couple of CCP losers got sacked over projects they oversaw, including railway leech Liu Zhijun. (The other was a Hunan official who got burned for a dam breach on the 25th – doesn’t China average over 60 dam failures per year?)
Second, Tom at Seeing Red in China – arguably my favorite “neutral” blogger on the matter (though recently he’s been more negative: what’s the matter, Tom, seeing the light?) – posts some interesting stuff on corruption (how many corrupt assholes fled Big Stinky the past 20 years? 16,000-18,000 w/ 800 billion RMB.). Bribes can consist 5-10% of projects’ costs!
“These cases proved particularly interesting, since they give the clearest picture of corrupt officials and their crimes (see table at bottom). The smallest amount published was 10,000rmb, which was used for a banquet for the Luwan District Red Cross in Shanghai, while this received a great deal of attention on Weibo and was part of a very painful public image crisis for the Red Cross (which had also been hit by the Guo Meimei scandal), it was an insignificant amount compared to the other instances of corruption. The average amount accumulated by individual corrupt officials tried in 2011 was over 18,000,000RMB (based off only what has been reported in PD, which excludes the Liu Zhijun case), with the most corrupt being Xu Zhongheng, former mayor of Shenzhen, who was accused of taking over 33,000,000 RMB. The largest instance of corruption reported, was related to the trial of the managers of the Wenzhou Vegetable Basket group, which is a State Owned Enterprise; the CEO and 15 others took over 426 million RMB from the company during a restructuring process. People’s Daily though prefers to focus on individuals even when it clearly involves a group of corrupt officials.
I think for a casual reader the steady stream of information about anti-corruption efforts and limited reporting on individual trials may give the impression that corruption is being effectively controlled. Yet, when one looks at all of the reporting together, it seems woefully inadequate. For example, the paper mentions an effort to register the financial assets of 1.67 million officials, yet only 51% reported their property ownership, 36% registered their investments, and 48% reported the employment status of their relatives (who as we learned from the Bo Xilai scandal can also receive massive perks from their connections). Unsurprisingly the paper is complicit in glossing over these disparities; in the previous year roughly 146,000 corruption cases were investigated, yet only 14 were reported in the PD. These efforts seem at best to be a weak attempt at transparency.
The lowest amount reportedly taken by an individual official was 1.2 million RMB, which makes me wonder what the threshold is for punishment. Unfortunately we will never know how much the 146,000 officials were caught with, but the total must be massive considering that according to the cases reported in People’s Daily just 29 officials pilfered 647.18 million RMB.
Furthermore, the People’s Daily quickly backed away from the sensational report released last year from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences that 16-18,000 officials had fled overseas with up to 800 billion RMB over the past 20 years. This figure was later replaced with the somewhat less damning claim of 4,000 officials with 50 billion USD over 30 years (roughly 40% of the original figure). The fact that there is a phrase to describe officials getting ready to flea, naked officials, indicates the scale of the problem.”
Finally, how bad are SOEs’ stranglehold on China’s economy. BAD. Consider this:
– Among China’s 500 largest companies, SOEs make up 63.2% of companies, yet rake in 82.82% of revenue, 81.88% of profits, and roughly 90% of assets.
– Huawei is China’s largest private company worth an estimated 185 billion RMB; China’s largest company, state-owned Sinopec, is worth 1.969 trillion RMB.
– Huawei is ranked 39th among top-500 companies; along with Sinopec, state-owned PetroChina and National Grid accumulate a combined worth of roughly 5.2 trillion RMB.
– A mere five state-owned banks commands 26.13% of profits garnered by “top-500” companies.
And remember, some large companies still receive appointed executives from the CCP because they’re really ex-SOEs.
Okay, I’m tired. Will get some more stuff out tomorrow.
– Brew

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