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Communist Newspaper Lauds Corruption, Tells Chines to Accept it

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 1, 2012

File this under fk u dirty communist China.the global times, which is a shit sandwich of communist lies, recently published an article or series of articles on corruption. In essence the commie rag said that corruption is a part of china and cannot be avoided.

The stinking waste of a newspaper then claimed that the people of china should be kind to the commie officials and allow them to be a little dirty. (I am not fabricating this). The rag said that communist officials have a tough life and low salaries, so they may be want to take a little grease money…..WTF WTF.

Are they kidding? Think of it like this. China has dumpster loads of people, the most of whom are salt of the earth. Then they have as a group about the size of the US who are two legged scumsuckers. Part of this group is the 80million to 100 million commies.

The newspaper expects Charlie chinaman to feel sorry for guys like xi jinping, chinas next hitler, a guy who makes only 20k per year but can afford to send his little cancer, aka daughter to Harvard. Aside from him, five of the top nine Chinese hitlers, also have their diseased spawn at the big H.

As for grandpa wen, who looks like he just finished a shit sandwich, his wife controls the Chinese diamond market and his kid has part of a vc firm which backed a Chinese company called synovel which screwed amsc, an American company out of 700 million dollars (they placed orders for controllers for wind turbines then
Reverse engineered the chip and cancelled the order. ) AMSC sued and lost in Hainan court and is going after the Chinese company in Chinese supreme sack of shit, aka supreme court.

Aside from these evil thugs, you have other communist leaders who pimp out twelve year olds, steal babies and kidneys and kill people for land.

Sounds like we really should have pity on the commies, doesn’t it?

Story 1


An editorial published in the Global Times, a nationalistic tabloid run by the Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily suggests members of the public in China should show more understanding and forbearance regarding government corruption, reports Duowei News, an outlet operated by overseas
Chinese.The editorial said that the time is not yet right for China to completely get rid of corruption. It went further to emphasize that corruption is a disease that can never be cured completely in any country, that neither opposition nor reform can eliminate it totally from China and the only thing the government can do is try to control it. The editorial also gave three reasons why the Chinese public should be more tolerant of graft:1. Chinese public opinion does not permit a pay rise for government officials even though the size of their salary is low.2. After their retirement, officials are not permitted to earn more money by doing other business on the back of their own reputation and networks.

And here is an excerpt from the global times of how to identify real corruption

The issue of fighting corruption is one that greatly concerns the public. However, the concept of corruption is also being misused and mistakenly expanded.

For instance, using chemical agent harmful to people’s health on fruits and vegetables is described by some as “corruption.” Sending university admission letters carrying designated bank cards or SIM cards is also ridiculed as “corruption.” It seems that everything bad in society is being attributed to corruption. This is obviously an expansion of the term.

Meanwhile, such expansion can also be seen when people describe activities of authorities and public officers. Negligence of duty is “corruption.” Decision-making failures are corruption. Overfull meetings are corruption. The criticism leveled is potent, but it misses the ….

Communism is a disease and Brew, the King and I are the cure…

One Response to “Communist Newspaper Lauds Corruption, Tells Chines to Accept it”

  1. Forget it said

    China is a disease, there is no cure

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