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What Cancer Looks Like- Pollution Pic in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 2, 2012

Here is a shot of the Chinese sky. As you can see, it is a blob of noxious gray fumes. The pollution count is about 300 ppm , or cancerous. Cancer, unsurprisingly, is the leading cause of death here. The pic was taken it 11 am today.

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Brew to King, Comment

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 2, 2012

Here is a comment from Brew to The King. This bog is blocked in the big stinky, so King probably cannot read the comments. I believe he reads the blog via mail.

From brew


Hey King, I was checking out a review for a new book I’m interested in – China Airborne by James Fallows, which documents what you call the Chinese “aviation industry” – when I stumbled upon an interesting stat: about 200 Chinese die daily due to workplace accidents.

Anyway, I plan to pick up the book and read it sometime; I’ll make mention of it when I’m done. From the sound of it, China has a long ways to go if it wishes to match, and even exceed Western competitors, in aviation construction & design; for starters, it doesn’t design its own engines for the PLA air force – they come from Russia. Also, G.E. spends roughly $2 billion annually on engine R&D; China spends $300 millioN

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Chinese Bans Workers From Eating Due To Poor Hygeine?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 2, 2012

This story has to be one of the funniest I’ve seen in a while.

Some school in china has banned laborers, or migrant workers, as they are called here, from eating in cafeterias due to poor sanitary habits. WTF?

Anyone who has been to china, seen a Chinese person, or worse yet a Chinese school would laugh their butt off at this claim. Poor Hygeine? China is synonymous for poor Hygeine, it’s part of their DNA.

My first job here was at a uni where the cleaning ladies would first wipe out the toilets with mops and then proceed to swish that filth around the floors in the spirit of washing them.

But the students are worse. One girl, whose mom was a doctor, bathed twice a month for health reasons. And this is just par for the course.

Most everyone here has horrible Hygeine. They hock up phlegm at work, and spit on the subway, in the elevators, and you’ve seen that that they shit in the streets. How does a place like that come to term migrant workers as lacking in Hygeine?

It’s not just the migrants, it’s the rich, the poor, it’s all of them


The banning of migrant workers from a high school cafeteria in Jiangxi province for “hygiene” reasons has sparked outrage among China’s online community, reports state broadcaster CCTV.

A student from Jiangxi Modern Polytechnic College in southern China told CCTV that on May 29, the school’s student cafeteria posted a notice prohibiting workers from dining in the hall. Staff told the student that the workers — most of whom work at the school’s construction sites — were banned because they affected the cleanliness of the dining area.

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Must Read, Chinese Cops Try Shakedown a Foreigner and Get Punked

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 2, 2012

Chinese Cops tried to shake down The King who is a human and from Canada. His features, however are Chinese, so in china they think they could punk him. Of course the King represented Canada and plunked them all.
The King
Oh mannnn I finally get to use my “Ni Ma Cow Ruben June ran” (Your mother fucked a Japanese soldier), line to no less a little skinny Chinese emperior.Who thought he could just confront me on the street.See he ran a red. I kicked his car as it went by, and the little stinky sweat colour skin fag decided to confront me. (Big mistake), so I just laugh at his stature and walk on, then he grabs me. I push him calling him a mother fucker. A Chief Wiggims looking cop, (those big nostrled Chinese Jebba the Hutt looking mutants), finally does his job (gee what about the time my Dragon of a step mom was battering me (fly swatting me) in Zhuhai airport lol. We get taken down to the Child Rape shop (police station). Where the prince actually stood there with the princess poise. (straight back, little skinny paws in “Fists” flexing upwards. trying to explain the story). That I was a savage laowai, Japanese warrior trying to rape Shanghainese babies and eat them. (That I was punching him. When All I did was give him a shove). When they learned I was a canuck, you could hear the Sex Pistols song “Money”, or cha qing sound echo in his head (because of his schooling nothing is in there). I laughed and gave him him 160 (18 USD), to pay for “scuff marks” (rubber marks).

He had family in the car, waited 2 hours in a Child Rape shop, was pushed hard like the leaf he is, his car has shanghai human shit on it.I got my rocks off abusing him, and he just stood there like all shamed Chinese youths, just silent in that ignoring expression. AND on many occasions, because this was caught on tape, that he was ready to plow into a bunch of people me included. Who even witnessed on my behalf. (wow Chinese with a soul, Truly a blessing from God). The cops just wanted me to apologize to him, and or pay for repairations (which he just meh brushed it away). I just gave the innocent doe like anime eyes…. and alot of Autistic like answers, especially with broken Chinese….. On many occasions I apologize and do the hand shake which he flattly rejected, by brushing my hand away. I even make smiley faces saying awww cheer up (sincerely), charming the cops, fustrating him, that he can’t get my laowai money and they were influenced by my polite Canadian charm, and fustrated that I’m polite to the cops, shining them on. Especially one who could speak the Guangdong Redneck Chinese dialect. He was expecting like 500 RMB or some shit like that lol (30 USD). So essensially I entertained myself, and all I lost was so called gaming money. (internet cafe, amazing this is a cleaner virturally smoke free one lol). So took his “manhood”, all because be decided to jump out of his car in busy traffic and be a bitch, and I wasted his time 2 hours (I’m Canadian, we have all the time in the world lol, pot and booze helped us to evolve Zen like preceptions).

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