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Chinese Bans Workers From Eating Due To Poor Hygeine?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 2, 2012

This story has to be one of the funniest I’ve seen in a while.

Some school in china has banned laborers, or migrant workers, as they are called here, from eating in cafeterias due to poor sanitary habits. WTF?

Anyone who has been to china, seen a Chinese person, or worse yet a Chinese school would laugh their butt off at this claim. Poor Hygeine? China is synonymous for poor Hygeine, it’s part of their DNA.

My first job here was at a uni where the cleaning ladies would first wipe out the toilets with mops and then proceed to swish that filth around the floors in the spirit of washing them.

But the students are worse. One girl, whose mom was a doctor, bathed twice a month for health reasons. And this is just par for the course.

Most everyone here has horrible Hygeine. They hock up phlegm at work, and spit on the subway, in the elevators, and you’ve seen that that they shit in the streets. How does a place like that come to term migrant workers as lacking in Hygeine?

It’s not just the migrants, it’s the rich, the poor, it’s all of them


The banning of migrant workers from a high school cafeteria in Jiangxi province for “hygiene” reasons has sparked outrage among China’s online community, reports state broadcaster CCTV.

A student from Jiangxi Modern Polytechnic College in southern China told CCTV that on May 29, the school’s student cafeteria posted a notice prohibiting workers from dining in the hall. Staff told the student that the workers — most of whom work at the school’s construction sites — were banned because they affected the cleanliness of the dining area.

One Response to “Chinese Bans Workers From Eating Due To Poor Hygeine?”

  1. Forget it said

    The level of filth in china and its people is shocking. You wonder how they survive. I guess they are like rats and just exist off anything.

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