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China Builds Homes Over Toxic Dumps

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 4, 2012

Why should this come as a surprise to no one? In an attempt at population control and allowing the chicoms to get more illicit cash so they can send their kids and skanky tallow faced wives overseas, they are building new homes on toxic dumps. This is luxury living in China.
“Numerous plots of toxic land in China have been used in the construction of office or residential buildings, without undergoing proper treatment beforehand.
The toxic land used to be sites for the production, storage, or pileup of toxic materials. Previously, they might have been sites for chemical plants, such as pesticide or herbicide plants.
In many cases, these toxic plots of land have been constructed into buildings, without the knowledge of local governments or their occupants. It often takes many years for the adverse effects of the toxic land on human health to become apparent.”

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