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China Sues Over Video Game Depicting Chinese as Weak and Cowardly

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 4, 2012

The King rocks and found this, but I have to put in my two cents but first The KinG


Chinese lawyers are mad about a game that TELLS the truth about the big Stinky. I as a Stinky shoer (Shanghai) for 2 years can clearly testify in the name of Jesus himself that Shanghai the CENTER of the Chinaverse, of all that is stinky. the middle of the middle kingdom…. is 100% portrayed accuratly in Lynch and Kane 2. And I will for one be buying this game!

Chinese lawyers decide to sue Japanese game maker Danish game maker for this portrayal of two Laowais shooting up CRIMINAL street shitters. They wiggle their ears like Big Ear Tutu, shit on the sidewalk, and chant Jay You Jay Jay You Jay You (add fuel).

Fuck you China. Stop being so stinky. ”

Now for me, wt, the Chinese lawyer, which in rank is equal to a toilet sweeper in the USA, but the USA worker is better educated. Any way, the “lawyer” is suing because the game depicts shanghai as a slum and Chinese as cowards, which to me means it’s realistic, but the lawyer says it offends China and Has violated the people’s rights. Wtf?

Rights in china? Chinese people have no rights.
They can’t vote
Can’t have two kids
Can’t search June 4 1989, the day were thousands we’re killed
Can’t vote
Can’t buy foreign stock
Can’t travel
Can’t tweet
Can’t YouTube
Can’t protest in tianenman
Can’t say Hu jintao is a crook
Can’t buy a car without a permit
Can’t own land
Can’t complain when the commies take your land
Can’t sue the commies

Why doesn’t the freaking lawyer talk to a Tibetan and see what rights they have? Perhaps he could tie up their cause.

Double fk u china

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