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Ignorant Communists, Pollution and Faulty Logic

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 5, 2012

The US embassy measures pollution the hell hole, aka China, and uncle chicom is pissed. See, uncle c has billions to spend on the birds nest, a visual nightmare,  and billions more to chuck into rail projects built by traveling short order cooks (see old posts). But the communists, plagued by diseased genes that MaoMao linked to obedience and thus rewarded, have said that no on but China can monitor their air pollution. Story here, see my collection of Chinese pollution pics here.

In essence, the thugtards have said that the US does not have the right to do so and in what has to be the best proof of communist separation from reality, they say that their pollution is not that bad. They continue that they are a developing nation and thus can do no better, but the kicker is that they say that the US only tightened air control a few years ago. Hm… the logic goes, if the US only ascertained that air pollution was bad a few years ago, then the Chinese  should be able to pollute for we should be allowed a reasonable amount of time to come to the same realization that humans have come to years ago.

Parallel logic would go like this. Liberia within the past few years outlawed rape. Before only gang rape was illegal, but now they have protected all forms of this abuse. But lets say I own my little country and think rape is a mighty fine thing to do to women. Then, I could argue that rape is not all that bad, for if we look at Liberia, they just recently outlawed it, so shut up, raping is my state sponsored right. This is the kind of thinking that pervades the monsters that run this dump.

Story of rape in Liberia here. 

Here is an example of a typical day in China where the ppm pollution is over 400 or deadly, and a day in which the pollution is only mildly cancerous

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