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Religious Persecution and Torture, Another Day in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 9, 2012

Here is the news, The Way of The King. It’s funthought China has mastered its famous ancientinventions, torture, religious persecution, misogyny and ignorance


All Rise for The King




Ground countrol to Major Tungggggg…… ground control to major tungggggggg. China to send more “astronauts” latter this week. Oh God in heaven, please let it crash and waste money.


Chinese media now has to report Red Guards fleeing China.


Finally Nobama shows some balls in his presidency. Supports the Philippines soverignty.



The CPC ups persecution of villagers who defy them and support persecuted Falun Gong member. Aka CPC grunts shit on the sidewalk in fustration with their erroding powers.


Student 2 minutes late for English Gaokao (entrance exam, has to wait another year as he is denied the chance to get into school. Why doesn’t he just get his Red Guard dad to pay for overseas university? so he can escape the big Stinky.


Headmaster of a daycare inflicts injury to penis of a 3 year old bed wetter. Fuck you China.

Stepdad savagely tortures step son, (nut cracker pinching to the balls,knife wounds). Fuck you China. 

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