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China Forces Abortion of 7 Month Old Fetus Over Unpaid Bill

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 15, 2012

Most international companies and governments would like us to think that China is improving, and according to their definition it is. Chinese no longer eat tree bark nor their children for a lunch time snack, and humiliating one’s parents in public is now a consequence of the angry one child little emperor phenomenon rather than a concerted effort to kill off the four olds, as Mao had done.But if one looks beyond the fact that yes, Chinese eat McDonalds, drink Starbucks and buy cars, China is still governed by Leninism.

Some people, whom I affectionately refer to as stupid bastards, may disagree. They will claim that China is more capitalistic than the US. Perhaps that is due to a low ‘G’, malfunctioning genes or due to the fact that in-breeding at family gatherings was common among their scrabble toothed clan. In any event, the fact that China governs as it always has is beyond question.

Of course your Chinese colleague, or the girl you banged form Shanghai can complain to you about Hu Juintao, which leads you to marvel at the fact that China does have free speech. But your incredulity is more a testament to the fact that you truly do not understand China.

Most certainly that woman who comes from the ‘whore of the orient’ may complain about China’s leaders to you, But can she take to the streets and do the same thing? Can she organize a party to compete with the communists? Can she blog about her feelings? Of course she can, but then will find herself being a ‘doughnut hole’ for her jailers as she rots in local jail . She will be beaten, raped and ‘re-eduated’, a phenomenon that technically has no basis in law, but still is all to common.

More proof of China’s autocratic and dictatorial powers lies in the policies and lack of law that typifies this dump. When one is found to have broken one of China’s laws, be it a written law or other, all semblance of rule of law flies out the window and the party mandates take over.

The person will not undergo a fair trial in any sense of the word and in fact, before they have their day in court, their fate has already been sealed by some communist official that ‘advises’ the chinese ‘judges’ on every case.

Another example is the forced abortions that still abound and the brutal one-child policy. The one child policy, it has been argued, is nothing more than a tool of fear of the party. The logic is that by forcing a person to kill family members and control one’s family to such an extent that the typical Chinese person has no say in simple things like family size, reminds the Chinese that the communist party is their god. It has the power to give and take, to give land destroy life- it owns you.

Recently it was exposed that a woman in China was forced to kill her seven month old fetus just because she could not pay the ‘fine’ imposed on those having more than one child. China has hundreds of thousands of communists whose job it is to ensure
strict enforcement to the one dud policy. The enforcement has lead to mass sterilization of villagers, murder and forced murder. Although this case was exceptional for it was reported to the masses and thus caused anger among the Chinese, it is no exception. This type of thing happens 24×7 in China, we just rarely hear the truth.

The good thing about all of this is that the communist officials, like those responsible for the murder of the baby will have earned enough cash to send their children off to civilized countries like the US, Canada, Australia and places like Europe. Just ask one of those Chinese who have recently moved to your fair town or who sit next to you in class and ‘dollars to doughnuts’ they either
a-will not tell you what their parents do for a living (for they are communists)
b-tell you their folks work as civil servants or government employees (ie communists and part of the brutal apparatus)
c-business owners or in real estate (both of which stem from being family members of communists and thus have the traces of chinese blood on their hands)

The fact is that half the chinese live on one dollar a day and cannot afford to send their kids overseas. These are the ones most brutalized. Then the middle class, which by Chinese definition, earn around U$900 per month cannot really afford to send their duds to anyplace but the local store.
The remainder are the brutal, evil thugs who govern one of the most evil empires on the planet.

The following, from here, is an example of the brutal nature of China’s communism and its effect on the life of the poor Chinese.

“A graphic photo of a forcibly aborted seven-month old fetus lying next to its mother on a hospital bed in northwest China’s Shaanxi province has sparked outrage across the country.

The woman in the photo has been identified as Feng Jianmei from the city of Ankang, who was forced into the late-term abortion by local family planning authorities earlier this month after failing to pay a 40,000 yuan (US$6,300) fine for breaching the one-child policy.”
Read here

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