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Taiwan to Bar Chinese Tourists?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 15, 2012

Taiwan is considering checking on the human rights records of Chinese who seek to visit their island. Here is the quote from here, “Taiwan will begin checking the human rights records of Chinese nationals seeking to visit the country, an official in charge of China policy said Thursday.
The National Immigration Agency and other government agencies have formulated a procedure for screening applicants to prevent entry to Taiwan by Chinese citizens with a record of human rights abuses, said Liu Te-shun, deputy Chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council”
If Taiwan were to follow through with this excellent idea, it would mean the end of most Chinese tourists visiting the little country of Taiwan. For example, from what I have seen, the first to visit Taiwan have deep communist connections, thus they would all be precluded from visiting. For, even if they have not been directly involved in the atrocities that plague the big stinky-china, then at the very least, by omission they have. After all, silence is brutal as well.
Thus, if Taiwan decides to take this action they should be congratulated and worshiped. The US, on the other hand, has taken a much different stance. Through investment visas and idiotic policies, we welcome China’s worst and more diseased of China, all in the name of making our country a better place.

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