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China Builds the Worlds Largest Double-Wide Trailer

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 18, 2012

Here is a good comment from Brewskie about the Chinese making a very tall building.

As for my two sheckels, it sounds like the chinese will prefab this building which they hope will be the tallest in the world. Hmmmm, so if I am understanding correctly, they will use US ‘mobile home technology’ to build a monstrous structure over 800 meters tall?

Secondly, isnt this idea of constructing the building ‘piecemeal’ , the same way they fuked up, I mean the same way they built that SF bay bridge? I am just glad that US lives will not be put in jeopardy while inside that building.

As an aside, if Chinese construction of high rise buildings is so good, then why are all of the places that house the communists no larger than two or three stories tall?

From the Midway Masher, Brewskie
“LOL! What are the Chinese trying to do – build a super-size replica of the Soviet’s N1 lunar rocket? China looks to build the world’s tallest building – at 838 meters – by January 2013 – and government approval is still pending!!!


My understanding is Sky City, as the building is aptly known, will be a pre-manufactured building – with individual segments built in factories beforehand, and site assembly commanding 90 days.

Some China admirers shine praise for pre-manufactured buildings – it could do for skyscrapers what Henry Ford did for autos; and plus, some are hopeful it will finally wrangle creaky construction out of buildings China’s so famous for.

We’ll see. From an engineering standpoint, the final product is only good as the initial design, the methodology of construction, and material allows: intrepid assembly line manufacturing didn’t weed out quality control issues 1960s & 1970s US automotives were famous for; that required improved methodology like “Total Quality Management” (which Toyota and other Japanese auto makers are famous for) Six Sigma, and other ideas to kick US automakers’ butts, assert some self-reflection and insert a panic mode to (somewhat) beef quality up.

As I mentioned before, half the steel used in Shanghai construction funks quality standard tests; as Paul Midler once confessed, building a new, shiny factory wouldn’t improve sanitation standards of hand care products & shampoo if you didn’t get the workers to wash hands accordingly, cease spitting, and stop them from dunking themselves entirely in vats of hand care lotion (yes, this actually happens) before. Did assembly line manufacturing weed out the Big 3s’ deplorable engineering, substandard material, and slipshod assembly of the ’60s & ’70s; will assembly line manufacturing of high rises weed out inferior steel, sandy concrete, substandard tiling, lousy paints?

I hope pre-manufactured buildings is a godsend for China; however, if history is any indicator, I have my doubts as evidenced by China’s other “innovative” Chinese mega projects – the San-Francisco-Oakland bridge (also being pre-manufactured in China), the Jiaozhou Bay (that came complete minus bolts (or loose bolts that could have been turned by hand), barriers, lighting, support structures), 3 Gorgies, the South-to-North Water Diversion Project (not complete, but I’m convinced will be a failure), and the Bird’s Nest (which required European engineers a mere year after construction to heal rust, and structural splits).

Good grief…

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Subpar Parts on Chinese Bullet Trains,

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 18, 2012

In China, guanxi is all you need. With that, you not only have a license to steal, but oftentimes to kill as well.

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Leaky Pipes, Non-Performing Loans and Shitty Construction- Another Day in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 18, 2012

Here is a gem from the BrewMan. It spans several disciplines and problematic areas in China. Incredible find Brewskie! (btw, if you have a kindle let me know. Perhaps I can loan you some of the books I have. I am doing one by Victor Shih that is pretty revealing.

From the Big Brewskie!

“Okay, let’s see if we can jam up the commie pipeline good this time – meaning, burst one of Beijing’s leaky, corroded underground arteries, and save her citizens the despair of drinking the Jim Jones happy juice her coal, chemical, oil and food companies concoct for them on a daily basis. (If China can’t clean her water, then are parents on to something by letting kids piss on the sidewalk…???)

Here’s the first bit: we heard several months ago from WT that China’s increasing rail construction so more death trolleys pulverize riders into death naps, and rotten construction companies can rebuild two-year old sections with same utter lack of competency as before; and now, after months of teasing, the Chinese is going to waste more Camel Cash to slap dash more crappy concrete condo concoctions, more delicate bridges with super glue muster, and more toothpick power poles with tad pole endurance – just so more homeowners can see their investment rot like the walls, more innocents can re-enact the Temple of Doom’s bridge scene, and interment power fluctuation can piss people as never before… only with more people getting hexed faster!


She went up, she went up… oh-oh, RMB’s slowing like that death trolley in Wenzhou; food inflation’s already been up 7%. At least SOEs blood suckers get to salivate again – with the same sinister grin construction companies drool when more cash piles in their pool so they can lay more grim reaper lines.


“Wheww”… Germany and Europe gives a sigh of relief as Greece opts for a bailout; can-kicking is getting shorter & shorter – almost as if the star soccer striker punting it has been aging like a mayfly… But in other stormy news, India may be the 1st BRIC darling to get junk bond status: how does this affect export king China, just like languishing Europe scares her too? How long before the China stooges come to grips?


“And finally, here’s a piece from Gordon Chang. Now, some of the things Gordy say need to be takin’ with a grain of salt – hell, he predicted a Chinese meltdown was suppose to occur years ago; he even wrote a book about it mid-portion of last decade; but their is some worthy gems in some of his scribes, and this may be a good one…

The initial May numbers, released yesterday by the National Bureau of Statistics, painted a picture of a slumping economy. Electricity production, the most reliable indicator of Chinese economic activity, was up only 2.7% over the same month last year. Because the growth of electricity historically outpaces the underlying economy, China was barely growing last month, if it was growing at all.

The headline-grabber was the consumer price index, which fell to 3.0% from April’s 3.4%, far below consensus estimates of 3.2%. Also dropping was the producer price index, down 0.7%. Both year-on-year numbers showed weakness across the Chinese economy.


Moreover, May passenger car deliveries looked strong—up a stunning 22.6%. This statistic, however, could be a mirage. Manufacturers, from all indications, have been forcing dealers to take vehicles they cannot sell. Car retailers are now carrying almost two months of inventory of foreign-branded vehicles and 60 to 80 days of domestic ones. That’s up from an already heavy 45 days at the end of April.


And why are household deposits, long ignored by analysts, now so important? Because depositors essentially hold a veto over Beijing’s plan to rescue the faltering economy with further interest rate cuts.

Just about every analyst says that Beijing has plenty of firepower to stimulate. “China again has space for a forceful response if necessary,” said the IMF’s David Lipton last week.

That’s not quite right. Beijing has to drop deposit rates when it cuts lending rates to maintain bank margins, and that is in fact what the central bank did on Thursday, reducing the benchmark one-year rate for deposits by 25 basis points.

Surprisingly, the country’s five largest banks did not go ahead and drop their deposit rates, instead keeping them the same by setting them at the maximum allowed under new liberalized rules. Why did they do that? Probably because they were worried about triggering outflows. In April, more than $100 billion in household deposits fled the banks, undoubtedly due to negative interest rates.

Chinese banks are undoubtedly insolvent on a balance-sheet basis if their assets were properly assessed. Yet they are liquid and can remain out of trouble if depositors keep their money in low-interest deposits. In that case, the banks can continue to lend.

And the central bank wants them to lend as fast and as furiously as possible. Central government regulators have, once again, abandoned the goal of improving nonperforming loan ratios in another all-out bid to manufacture growth, so they need money to flow into the banks to support new lending.

At the moment, the 25-basis-point reduction in the benchmark lending rate would not seem sufficient to get borrowers—other than those needing to fund government-mandated projects—in the door. Most managers of enterprises, at least when talking in private, do not foresee an increase in profits or revenues this year, so a marginal reduction in lending rates looks like it will be ineffective.






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Chinese Beat Downs and Cyber Cafe’s

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 18, 2012

Here is a comment from The King, my idol in China.

All Rise:
“First off had another epic battle coming home from the internet cafe, after watching Hunger Games (sob… the children…. the children, like it’s like Battle Royale, or the kids from Red Dawn. Anyways, this total poofy hair wavy hair queer decides to do the subway bump move, so I bump him back exchange of words. He even said “come on baby”. (remember this is one of those punk pompadore princess, you’d expect to see going to watch “Rent”, (and that’s a very very good play). he says fuck you. I say fuck you, etc etc. and he ends up trying to gay rape me (tear off my shirt…. I think in a skinny armed head lock), or try to “kick” my ass?!?!? ( I didn’t feel anything. I gave hiim a good Canadian beat down
Damn didn’t say my line, “Your mother (or grandmother) fucked Japanese soldiers.

Didn’t feel frisky for days, I guess posting about the lastest Foxconn suicide on Wikipedia and having lap top powers so I can report on Chinese crimes, and getting some ideas of how to develop some stories, after watching Hunger Games. (The basic idea is there and yes it’ll be a jibjab against the Big Stinky), I guess the hope inspired by Katniss’s kindness (especially at the Rue scene), (the point is, that Katniss is a kind young girl forced to kill, and that she’s good at archery). Has the inspiration that inspires a bored heonistic kid hungry (ie China) society. That perhaps 74 years of 30 kids killing each other that desensitized the adults, the grotesqueness of child hungry, this inspired some dying ember of humanity. Or that’s what I got from it. Perhaps it made me a little bit to nervous this evening, (context, I can actually feel my body, feet, and when I saw that little prince-ss ready to bump me like the little Red Nobility fag he is. I collided 2 years worth of fustrations, at the failures of my Chinese race!

I highly suggest you don’t do this therapy Wtd, until you get your exit visa stamped, and you’ve taken a huge therapuidic shit in the WATER TANK of the toliet of your apartment. and totally fuck everything up in your apartment, oh I don’t know, slice up the pipes and electric plug for the AC. change the locks the night before you leave, and throw the new keys down a stinky poo hole.Smash all the windows crazy glue the power outlets with indestructable crazy glue so nothing can go in there. Once you’re safely off the plane in civilization, then nudge the stinky stink monkey. lol

I can’t wait to look the little plane faggot in the eye and say “Chinese people shit in the streets”. Once I’m safely in my Canada, I’m safe in a democratic country…. Then I can blog all about how stinky this country is, and work on my story that gives it to China in a Hunger Games kind of post apocolyptic way. (I’m thinking of a Japan that’s partitioned into North and South Japan, the North, being ruled by the Reds, and everything is death and stinky and shit everywhere, and it’s slowly spreading, to the South. And this herione leads a great resistance against this encroachment, after her baby sister is raped by psychotic Chinese soldiers. And the GOOD thing is, I’m going to use ALL of Chinese crimes against their own people as precidence. But the really fucked up thing is….. somehow it’s not based in Japan at all, but China all the time. A fictional China like country, :”Dragon land”. or better still Dragonland, blames Eagle Land, Sunland. (but this would never work out, if it’s set in China, why? the people actually are unbelievable if they’re brave, and thinking and questioning neverless anything Katniss is.

PERFECT……. hello early retirement……. Sunland (Japan), is quilt ridden by exagerations of WWII, (true some genocidal stuff happened, but let it go), in this alternate reality, schools preach this doctrine. And perhaps also demans tribute, where Japan has to sent it’s virgins to extremely perverted party members, (be wives, repopulate, teachers, healers, doctors, nurses, etc), really to be raped in a KTV domestic slaverly (Shanghai was a sex slave, infact many AMERICAN women were kidnapped, or Shanghaied), despite many appeals for peace, and reparations given to the Dragon…. INSANE reparations, (I’ll be researching the aid Japan gives in abundance to China), even PLAGUE erradication abundance.

This young woman (I’d call her some ‘life’ related Japanese name). , who’s like smart and shit, would have been a great pediatrician doctor, is taken as tribute. (14-29), (Japan also has a baby booming crush). She was lucky enough to be trained as such, and actually naieve to think that she and her country genuinely owes these compensations….(just like these idiots demand “compensation” after they harrass me like this). Esensially she’s suffering from early Expat, yellow fever. (again from personal experience, say wtd: if you don’t mind answering, what was your early China experiences. Did you feel “honey moon”? ) for me it was BEER GOGGLES like love…. correction…. University of ALBERTA BEER GOGGLES (Edmonton, when you’re an engineering student who decides to binge on whyte ave, and go home with a fat bubbaess (Deadmonton) is a city full of Zombies. It’s not like Calgary. For me honey moon phase was quickly eneded within the 2nd week… in Cangzhou.

She dismisses this as China is “developing”, bullshit, that it suffered a terrible war and that’s why all of the Brewski buildings are in ruins. essensially the war blew China into a stone age when they’re still living in caves (true the next head fag is a caveman), water polluted. NOT because that the Dragonland’s people are total dickweeds with no brains. And the because “Doctor Life” is still relatively naieve (she’s in her early 20s), her husband (comfort girl), is a total Chinese gorillia brick top nose wide fuckhead. (who beats her, rapes her, (again using REAL references). ohhh I love it I love it.

He’s a “real estate” Red, even promises to build a world class hospital for her. (in some drunken induced “romance”). She slowly notices that all is well in the “People’s Paradise of Dragonland”….

Anyways, did the police I wub you I’m soooo sorry eyes. (it worked, lol, because they went to talk to gay boy, and he was really animated, trying to explain I kept on saying fuck you fuck you to him. (However unfortunatly for me, and him, the video caught me doing the intitial slug to the arm…. Their arms are just so gooey and rubbery), and pushing him around like a rag doll (well he did challenge me). So I did end up paying 60 bucks RMB (or 10 USD), but it was worth it, just to get his panties in a tight tight twist. The cops wanted me to apologize and just pay him cab fare as he missed the last train. (the one I was getting off on). So yup yup my work here is done. Ruined the evening and potentially tomorrow and the next few days until he forgets. As for me, I get off on this….. no big loss 10 bucks. (I can make that in .0000005 hours in Canada). Even as a social worker. Oh I did manage to tear off his magical amulet though. oh man, he tried everythign to pry it out of my stoney fingers twisting them with his twig like digits. lol…… they didn’t even budge. (Again Canadians are frozen cyborgs).

Anyways speaking of Hunger Games, you should watch it Wtd, great acting. Unlike this Harry Potter bullshit, this is a REAL serial for young adults. It’s about a coal mining community in the Catskills, or rather a young teenager from there (America, is divided into districts), and each district must offer as a tribute to these killing games (like the Minotaur Labryinth), one boy and girl, whom only ONE can survive. A young girl who is the breadwinner for the family, after her father died in a Chinese like accident in a mine…. no no not true, because American mines have sa….. shit. POST apoclyptic movie.. ok ok, in this case America becomes like China is today, very impoverished. EXCEPT THE PEOPLE ARE GOOD, or Tried to fight back hence the games.

Now parallels with a Chinese audience. oddities galore: 1) A PSYCHOTIC TOLITARIAN GOVERNMENT eliets living in the capital. 2) CHILDREN sacrificed for the pervert adults (in 2010, many children were stabbed for the jollies of old men who either couldn’t get a job, or had such a poor shitty life (aka didn’t go to night school or many ways the 20th century modernism offered for one to enrich life, night school) One old dude couldn’t get a GIRL FRIEND so he murdered 8 children), 8 children died out of 300,000 poisoned with baby milk, hell a little girl and boy were smoked with a car over and over again to make sure they’re dead! How the fuck is Chinese society not designed for the parents to NOT offer their newborns (especially if they’re girls), to this bloodthirsty machine (Moloch, was a bibilical furnace-meat grinder that devored childen). I’m pretty sure that some Macau bets have pools that bet on which indignant death a child will suffer…. 3)When angered by a death of a innocent child a gentle negro girl (from the south, juding by her knowledge of God’s greatest creature the mocking bird. I nearly cried at that scene. To think children little girls like Rue, like Yue Yue, (just a few days ago, photos of an aborted baby made headlines), actually die like this…. Anyways when angered by the death, some parents naturally flipped out, and rioted, (Wukan, Wuhan, all over China, etc etc etc). And yet these things wern’t censored out of the CHINESE GOVERNMENT. They even included a 3 fingered salute.

Is the CPC REALLY disintergrating this quickly?


Cancerous goo baby milk (Mercury found in baby milk).


Another peaceful Tibetan who just wants to raise sheep to make blankets for us, because he wants us to be comfy and warm and stuff, immolates because the Stinky stinky Chinamen want to blame Japan for all their sins, and thus are “exhempt” from civilized barbarian Laowai values of life and stuff. Fuck you China.

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Chinese Regime Forced NASDAQ to Ban NTD says WikiLeaks

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 18, 2012

As the US bows to China, we blow away any semblance of caring for our fellow man and justice.

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