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China Builds the Worlds Largest Double-Wide Trailer

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 18, 2012

Here is a good comment from Brewskie about the Chinese making a very tall building.

As for my two sheckels, it sounds like the chinese will prefab this building which they hope will be the tallest in the world. Hmmmm, so if I am understanding correctly, they will use US ‘mobile home technology’ to build a monstrous structure over 800 meters tall?

Secondly, isnt this idea of constructing the building ‘piecemeal’ , the same way they fuked up, I mean the same way they built that SF bay bridge? I am just glad that US lives will not be put in jeopardy while inside that building.

As an aside, if Chinese construction of high rise buildings is so good, then why are all of the places that house the communists no larger than two or three stories tall?

From the Midway Masher, Brewskie
“LOL! What are the Chinese trying to do – build a super-size replica of the Soviet’s N1 lunar rocket? China looks to build the world’s tallest building – at 838 meters – by January 2013 – and government approval is still pending!!!


My understanding is Sky City, as the building is aptly known, will be a pre-manufactured building – with individual segments built in factories beforehand, and site assembly commanding 90 days.

Some China admirers shine praise for pre-manufactured buildings – it could do for skyscrapers what Henry Ford did for autos; and plus, some are hopeful it will finally wrangle creaky construction out of buildings China’s so famous for.

We’ll see. From an engineering standpoint, the final product is only good as the initial design, the methodology of construction, and material allows: intrepid assembly line manufacturing didn’t weed out quality control issues 1960s & 1970s US automotives were famous for; that required improved methodology like “Total Quality Management” (which Toyota and other Japanese auto makers are famous for) Six Sigma, and other ideas to kick US automakers’ butts, assert some self-reflection and insert a panic mode to (somewhat) beef quality up.

As I mentioned before, half the steel used in Shanghai construction funks quality standard tests; as Paul Midler once confessed, building a new, shiny factory wouldn’t improve sanitation standards of hand care products & shampoo if you didn’t get the workers to wash hands accordingly, cease spitting, and stop them from dunking themselves entirely in vats of hand care lotion (yes, this actually happens) before. Did assembly line manufacturing weed out the Big 3s’ deplorable engineering, substandard material, and slipshod assembly of the ’60s & ’70s; will assembly line manufacturing of high rises weed out inferior steel, sandy concrete, substandard tiling, lousy paints?

I hope pre-manufactured buildings is a godsend for China; however, if history is any indicator, I have my doubts as evidenced by China’s other “innovative” Chinese mega projects – the San-Francisco-Oakland bridge (also being pre-manufactured in China), the Jiaozhou Bay (that came complete minus bolts (or loose bolts that could have been turned by hand), barriers, lighting, support structures), 3 Gorgies, the South-to-North Water Diversion Project (not complete, but I’m convinced will be a failure), and the Bird’s Nest (which required European engineers a mere year after construction to heal rust, and structural splits).

Good grief…

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