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Proof of China’s Impending Economic Doom

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 20, 2012

Gowron, aka The King. Found a gem that fosters the hypothesis of the Monster of the Midway , aka Brewskie has been saying for a bit. In layman’s terms the following means that in the short term China is kinda ok, but shaky, but in the long term it looks like dark skies, fallen chicoms and a replay of the 60’s vz violence and an unhappy panda bear….

The King


Why won’t you sino-apologists on wtd’s site, just admit, China is a big stinky hell hole, by all standards of grading measurements? China simply does not have the money. They money that went into them trying to “control” America (bonds and shit), which could have went into intelligent projects? (China?), well intelligent for a autistic 3rd grader smearing sentiments to his girl crush, with feces in the washroom….

If China acts on their paper tiger threats to cash in their bonds then they LOSE money. Just like this report states, a constant loss of money with failed projects. Man is fooled, but reality….. god, Karma, scientific fact, the real world is not fooled. China is doomed. Would it be 4 years as wtd predicts, or 10 years as I predict (I’m sure that they have some mechanism to keep the people from rising, look at North Korea, it’s a Zombie paradise of canibals, somehow baby Kim outlived the eventual implosion. Laos is STILL alive somehow, it is. But honestly America, just keep on researching keep on innovating.

China will just keep stealing, and continue to hurt themselves in unholy ways, like a monkey with a blunderbus pointed to his head….. China isn’t a threat.

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