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Race Riot in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 20, 2012

As part of China’s peaceful rise, they have made a spectacle out of evil foreigners. The harmony they seek does not extend to those who come from civilization or non ABC countries.
In Guangzhou, a black man got into an ‘altercation’ with a local and was taken to the police station. This black man, who apparently did not benefit from the ‘rule of law’ nor China’s peace and harmony, died in custody.
As it is China, we may never know how and why the man was ‘mysteriously deathed’, but we can guess. Subsequent to the mysterious death, many blacks took to the streets to protest. I am sure they are being taught their own lesson of law with Chinese characteristics.

China’s rise is diametrically opposed to civility in the world.

“The man, who was also black, hired an electric bike in the afternoon on Monday in Guangzhou and got into a row with the driver over a fare of 10 yuan (US$1.57). The two men had a physical altercation and were both taken to a local police station, where the passenger reportedly lost consciousness suddenly. He subsequently died despite efforts by medical personnel to resuscitate him, according to Duowei News,”
from here

Race riot in China

Peaceful China loves everyone, as long as they are Han.

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