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Chinese Father Sues in “Toss Off of Death”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 21, 2012

Some Chinese waste of time and space is suing a sperm bank over the death of his son. His son, who was studying to be worthless, I mean to be a ‘Chinese doctor’- whatever that term means in this jungle, passed away the other day.

The progeny of dud #1 aka- the father, went to a sperm bank under the auspices of ‘donating sperm’, which ostensibly means he wanted to ‘justify his jack-off habit’.

Anyway, the sone goes to the sperm hole, tosses one off and passes on to the land of deceased Chinese.

Dud #1 is pissed for he knows that the commies have spent all of their cash on ‘face projects’ and have sent cash with their mistresses and dud kids to lands of civilization. As such, dud #2 knows he has no retirement and now that his kid has passed on, dud #1 will live a life of begging in the streets or worse.
Another day in China
“A father from central China’s Hubei province is suing a sperm bank over the death of his son, who died in the process of donating semen on Feb. 12, reports the Chutian Dushi Bao, a Chinese-language newspaper in the provincial capital Wuhan.”
Story http://www.wantchinatimes.com/news-subclass-cnt.aspx?cid=1103&MainCatID=&id=20120621000064

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