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Shitty Chines Buildings, Immigrants and Blocking Japan

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 21, 2012

BrewMan,a pitbull on china has uncovered some goodies. The Chinese building he references is a Chinese mobile home that will stick up 800 meters above the big stinky. As for the comment about china costing more than the USA, I had see this but have my doubts. Here are prices in Beijing.
All prices in dollars
Decent 100 meter place 1000us
Decent meal 8 to 15
Electricity super cheap, maybe 15 a month
Forty minute taxi fare 7
16 liters of bottled water 3
Can coke .5
Snickers .5
English movie 14
Foot massage 6 for 50 mins
Body massage 8 for 50 mins
Subway .3
Housecleaner 3 per hour
Apples .5 for decent sized one

Now for the Banging BrewMan

Is it the world’s largest double-wide trailer, or a super-size replica of the Soviet’s failed N1 Lunar rocket? You decide. Me, personally, I think the top of the building should be retrofitted with a replica of the Titanic’s bow, complete with bolted deck chairs with mannequin musicians dressed in early 20th century attire; hidden speakers would soothe Frédéric Chopin’s Funeral March. A site fit for a King before he ventures out to Canada’s frozen wilderness.

Here’s a run down of Chinese highlights for today:

A lot of CCP pirates must be scrambling to the US to bury their booty: Asians have surpassed Latinos as America’s largest immigration group:


China already can block out the sun, now she can blog out a whole country: Japanese domains on the web blocked out for two days last week.


You need to validate this one, but according to a Mercer Survey, second-tier cities and above make China’s cost of living higher than the US’s.


Whoopsss! A coal mine owned by Mongolia’s South Gobi Resources only has a quarter of the coal originally estimated.


Not only is China’s new meat factory bigger, badder and contains more meat-pulverizing elevators than Burj Khalifa, but Sky City will be seven times cheaper, too. Ahh… the plot thickens for the Next Mission Impossible: Tom’s trapped in a Venus Flytrap elevator, he plunges with it to his doom, he has mere seconds to slip out his Batman grappling hook before he risk’s Shayna Richardson (a young woman who survived a parachute failure with fetus in tote!).


Underachieving CCP flunkies weed out 15,000 cases of substandard food:


2 Responses to “Shitty Chines Buildings, Immigrants and Blocking Japan”

  1. Brewskie said

    I raised a crooked eyebrow when I saw the Mercer study bit, too. Thanks for verifying.

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