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Video of Chinese Lady Freaking When Confronted with Civilized Beings

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 21, 2012

Great video that The King Found…
From The King

On and on she goes blaming laowai oppressor… nah, it’s not the fact she has frightened patrons who just want to go there for a relaxing evening or doing lunch, after a really stressful day in Asian office…..


8 Responses to “Video of Chinese Lady Freaking When Confronted with Civilized Beings”

  1. original said

    she reminds me of that fucking chinese cold narcisstic bitch i (unfortunately) married and gave me the hell on earth in china. trust me: they are ALL like that lil pussy in the video. totally disturbed, nationalistic and aggressive. btw: their breasts are as flat as an airport runway. they are all the same. no difference. P.S. did you notice her typical chinese “pointing finger”? hehe. they ALL do that.

    • wtdevflnt said

      You will get no argument from me bro……

    • wtdevflnt said

      Yeah, i see you are point. The thing is, they get citizenship, then bring all their family over, then youve lost your house and wallet to them.

      • original said

        those are just one group. probably the most “known” ones. BUT they are not all like that!!! more and more don’t want a passport and go abroad! They “smart” ones are changing from passport to a more valuable item: SPERM from white laowai. I mean it. They want to marry a white foreigner (in china) to enhance their status in chink society and stay in china.

        Because china is a very clean and the best country with a great “future”…oh, and a white “mixed baby” (as they use to say) is more worth than gold and cash for those narcistic chinese 30+ aged women. they become totally evil and slutty and neurotic when they approach that age (i mean it; prostitution is normal in china, even for “married” ones.; hey fucking with your boss and other company bosses is OK. as long as you get cash and a new namecard and a contract?!; this is morale and marriage with chinese characteristics. welcome to china!).

        Oh, and they become extremly power hungry and narcistic (actually they are like this since their birth on the streetwalk) when they approach the age of 30. Power, and control over the foreigner (those who can’t speak chinese and are filled with morale and ethics and real love are the best for them). The foreigner, so they “plan”, should never leave china and stay there until he dies and give up his humanity and honour as man.

        In case he does want to leave china, the child you have with her (never cum inside a chinkpussy without condom or you are fucked!) will get a chinese passport and you will be killed. Yep, that’s what you get in china, with a chink”wife”.

        Guanxi and corruption you know?…no problem in chinkland! It happens to you as soon as you disagree with her slutty lifestyle, and 1-2-3 you can forget you child and you either die or get extradicted and never see your child again! Her family and chinkfriends will be NEVER be on your side when it comes hard to hard. Trust me :-D. no matter how much they smile to your with their ape face. Because you are a —foreigner— since your wedding day. No problem in china- foreigners have no rights..but they want ALL and everything in our countries and the world. LOL. fuck them. Don’t make your chinkwife angry in china…better leave with her if you want your marriage to survive and her to become a civilized human being. Monkeys (chinese) can change! …….LOL.

        Well, your tactics doesn’t work, chinese whores. They are international laws. Fuck the shit out of chinese “women” totally. Fuck them in all holes but never marry them. They are only good for that (and not even for that, they are so boring in bed…you can’t believe it, LOL. Fuckin’ a piece of stone is actually more fun!!!). The more money you stick in their dirty holes, the more wet they become. no joke.

        They only do it for money and personal advantage, career, contracts and management positions, jewelry, FACE, FACE, FACE, clothes, and a new iphone. Never for love. This is china and its women.

        Chinksluts aka “women” have no tits (no joke; they are so flat (99%) you wont believe it; not even an ass. but small eyes and a broad nose, LOL.just like chimpanzees. I guess this is why they have such an inferiority complex and hate for white western girls).

        They only have 3 holes: One for getting money and contracts (their little DRY fuck hole). one for sucking and talking chinkshit: their foul teeth mouth. and another one to shit out their fucking cold nooodles and fucking contaminated rice with lazi every morning.

        Remember if you pay enough cash you can fuck all those 3 holes at once. China “women”. Welcome laowai, LOL.

        Happy Marriage with your selfish narcistic disturbed chinkwhore in China. don’t disagree with her in chinkland, keep your mouth shut at all times, keep smiling, eat her shit, and always have enough cash in your pocket: That’s all you need for a “happy” marriage with your chinkwife in Chinkland.

  2. original said

    Oh, and don’t be fooled: She appears hot and sexy with her high heels (yeah they like it so much) and her shitting hole arse. She smiles and open her legs for you (like a japanese porn star) at the BEGINNING (until she she get sperm opr passport or money; for her chinese mind it means “love, haha) after 2 days, she says you are so good, big dick, you have “potential”, she wants a mixed baby, blabla. This is a chinese SHOW to get ya. BUT once they got your sperm and you fall in love, she WILL show you her real face 🙂 . don#t they do the same with foreign companies to lure them into china? open your eyes.

    You don’t believe me? Try it out. Good luck.

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