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Why You Should Not Buy A Chinese Dirt Bike

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 24, 2012

This is quality with chinese characteristics

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Inferior Chinese Knockoffs- Video

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 24, 2012

Interesting Korean video on chinese knockoffs

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Gu Kailai Admits To Murdering Heywood

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 24, 2012

Gu Kailai, Bo Xilais squeeze, admitted to killing a guy named Heywood. The funny thing is that in china, the accused always fess up. The rate is something like 99.9 percent. I guess torture, which china still uses, will make a person admit to anything.

Oh yeah, gu Kailais kid, bo guagua is still in the states. According to wantchinatimes, gu kailai shipped billions overseas. I guess little bo should be able to overcome the grief of having a murderer for a mom with all that cash.

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Video About Chongqing China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 24, 2012

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Get Face in China, Have a Mixed Race Baby-Warning Lots of Naughty Words

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 24, 2012

The following is a comment from someone who has apparently spent time in China. The author of the comment is schooling us on what is important to Chinese women. His reply is in response to mine about a video I had posted about some loud mouthed Chinese woman getting a verbal beat down in a funny video. I had said that the Chinese only want a green card, here is his take on the matter (oh, btw, how cool is it that this blog is not syndicated so I don’t need to make politically correct assertions such as ‘the feelings of the commentor in no way reflect the view of the author etc. Funny thing is that I can see where this guy is coming from, he makes a good argument for his case.)

Comment about Chinese women and green cards:
“those are just one group. probably the most “known” ones. BUT they are not all like that!!! more and more don’t want a passport and go abroad! They “smart” ones are changing from passport to a more valuable item: SPERM from white laowai. I mean it. They want to marry a white foreigner (in china) to enhance their status in chink society and stay in china.

Because china is a very clean and the best country with a great “future”…oh, and a white “mixed baby” (as they use to say) is more worth than gold and cash for those narcistic chinese 30+ aged women. they become totally evil and slutty and neurotic when they approach that age (i mean it; prostitution is normal in china, even for “married” ones.; hey fuking with your boss and other company bosses is OK. as long as you get cash and a new namecard and a contract?!; this is morale and marriage with chinese characteristics. welcome to china!).

Oh, and they become extremly power hungry and narcistic (actually they are like this since their birth on the streetwalk) when they approach the age of 30. Power, and control over the foreigner (those who can’t speak chinese and are filled with morale and ethics and real love are the best for them). The foreigner, so they “plan”, should never leave china and stay there until he dies and give up his humanity and honour as man.

In case he does want to leave china, the child you have with her (never cum inside a chinkpssy without condom or you are fuked!) will get a chinese passport and you will be killed. Yep, that’s what you get in china, with a chink”wife”.

Guanxi and corruption you know?…no problem in chinkland! It happens to you as soon as you disagree with her slutty lifestyle, and 1-2-3 you can forget you child and you either die or get extradicted and never see your child again! Her family and chinkfriends will be NEVER be on your side when it comes hard to hard. Trust me :-D. no matter how much they smile to your with their ape face. Because you are a —foreigner— since your wedding day. No problem in china- foreigners have no rights..but they want ALL and everything in our countries and the world. LOL. fuck them. Don’t make your chinkwife angry in china…better leave with her if you want your marriage to survive and her to become a civilized human being. Monkeys (chinese) can change! …….LOL.

Well, your tactics doesn’t work, chinese whores. They are international laws. Fuk the shit out of chinese “women” totally. Fuk them in all holes but never marry them. They are only good for that (and not even for that, they are so boring in bed…you can’t believe it, LOL. Fukin’ a piece of stone is actually more fun!!!). The more money you stick in their dirty holes, the more wet they become. no joke.

They only do it for money and personal advantage, career, contracts and management positions, jewelry, FACE, FACE, FACE, clothes, and a new iphone. Never for love. This is china and its women.

Chinksluts aka “women” have no tits (no joke; they are so flat (99%) you wont believe it; not even an ass. but small eyes and a broad nose, LOL.just like chimpanzees. I guess this is why they have such an inferiority complex and hate for white western girls).

They only have 3 holes: One for getting money and contracts (their little DRY fuck hole). one for sucking and talking chinkshit: their foul teeth mouth. and another one to shit out their fuking cold nooodles and fuking contaminated rice with lazi every morning.

Remember if you pay enough cash you can fk all those 3 holes at once. China “women”. Welcome laowai, LOL.

Happy Marriage with your selfish narcistic disturbed chinkwhore in China. don’t disagree with her in chinkland, keep your mouth shut at all times, keep smiling, eat her shit, and always have enough cash in your pocket: That’s all you need for a “happy” marriage with your chinkwife in Chinkland.

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Is Chinese “miracle” real?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 24, 2012

Video from 2009 but good. The analyst, ie the guy who looks like dick cheney with hair, makes a good point. He says that in 09 china claimed to have suddenly shifted from an export oriented economy, to having a domestically driven economy overnight.

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China Fudging Numbers About Shrinking Economic Growth

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 24, 2012

Chinas economy is not as hot as it once was. Its till ok, but the country is so large that it needs to create about 10 million new jobs per year just to stave off a revolt. From the looks of it here, the chicoms are not providing those jobs. There are fewer construction projects in beijing, and you can sense the slump.

Here is an excerpt about chinas lies regarding economic growth

HONG KONG: As the Chinese economy continues to sputter , prominent corporate executives in China and Western economists say there is evidence that local and provincial officials are falsifying economic statistics to disguise the true depth of the troubles.

Record-setting mountains of excess coal have accumulated at the country’s biggest storage areas because power plants are burning less coal in the face of tumbling electricity demand . But local and provincial government officials have forced plant managers not to report to Beijing the full extent of the slowdown, power sector executives said.

Questions about the quality and accuracy of Chinese economic data are longstanding , but the concerns now being raised are unusual. This year is the first time since 1989 that a sharp economic slowdown has coincided with the once-a-decade changeover in the country’s top leadership . Officials at all levels of government are under pressure to report good economic results to Beijing as they wait for promotions, demotions and transfers to cascade down from Beijing. So narrower and seemingly more obscure measures of economic activity are being falsified, according to the executives and economists.

“The government officials don’t want to see the negative,” so they tell power managers to report usage declines as zero change, said a chief executive in the power sector.


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PBS Documentary : China from the Inside (Power and the People)

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 24, 2012

This is a long video, but worth it. If nothing else, you get to see just how brainwashed the chicom filth is….

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