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Burning Home, China News

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 25, 2012

From the King of Asia…..Gowron

“SHANGHAI police have caught a man who allegedly set an apartment on fire in downtown Xuhui District early today, killing one woman and injuring another.

The suspect, surnamed Wang, was seized by midday today after committing the arson attack before 4:30am on the third-floor of anapartment building. The fire injured a nine-year-old boy who has been hospitalized for severe burns.

Police and firefighters arrived at the scene soon after receiving alarm reports.

A young woman in her 20s was found dead in the apartment.

According to news on Shanghai TV, the suspect used to have quarrels with the family over trivia issues and set the fire to vent his anger.

Wang worked in a restaurant, said the TV report.”

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