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Chinese Losers and Turncoats-Chinese Vids

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 25, 2012

These are from the King who has opened up his vault of reality on the big stnky-aka China.

From The King

Ah finally found it. THIS is the one I wanted to show you guys……sure the family is from Malaysia…before CHINA… or the Big Stinky… mainlanders. I could smell their filth through this screen. Anyways, a human family (note anyone CIVILIZED and gives back to DEMOCRACY and or Humanity=Civilized, or homo Sapien (the knowledge man), if not, such as reverting back to primitive states of being. (in this case Savage thugs who resort to violence then you’re an animal….. China has LOTS of “animals”. ). The ENTIRE PACK of Chinese animals beats up a Sapien couple, over a get this…. Traffic circle (roundabout), fender bender. (note Traffic circles are FUN TO DRIVE, is like circus clown car, you must however be very wary it’s a very unusual trafic road, not many people are used to it. (outside lane must exit! right away at nearest junction, inside lane, has right of way, HOWEVER must yield to unprepaired people. Or if you’re me, just get your jollies and to the Jollies of PetroCanada (In Canada, get this…. crown corporations operate similar to oh say CHINESE STATE ONES. ahahahaha, in Alberta because like Guangxi province, was very undeveloped, many crown corporations such as PetroCan (readas Petro China). AGT (Alberta Governemt Telephone)and even the LIQOUR stores were crown corporations (what they didn’t trust Albertans with booze? what little ol Albertans?, by 1991-2000 they were all privatized, and Alberta morphed into Atlanta Georgia…. Paradise serious the South is gordious, the Midwest is Eden…. according to the Mormons, life was so well and dandy in Alberta, even under autocratic King Ralph. (Who ruled 3 consecutive terms. Then it ALLL turned to shit in the mid 2000’s thanks to the chaos that Bu$hite did, as well as the death of other autocratic democracies like Koizumism, Blairsm, and the end of Critienism (God I want Critien back! He got shit done. I want Broconier, Clinton, Kline back, the mother of all ironies is I was one of those protesting teens in high school (those lifeless idiots who dont’ do shit, but have no outlet for Growth Hormones, so I became a Fenqing youth, a proud Chinese FOB, Guevara shirt wearing trend can you guys ever forgive me)? So I’ve been where most of these young Chinese rebels are at…. all I can say is it’s a Erickson life stage (the College smelly grungy KDFM Phish hippy), now I’m at (cynical, but logical doer)Da Man is our friend, but dont’ give Da man, Uncle “man”, too much power, but trust his council. After all, we are all in the Hunger Games. (ummm except in this case we’re adults, and killing each other is badddd. I mean to say we’re all in this competition of life, earning the right to sex, and procreate the next generation of humans……

And where the hell I started to rail off I’m not sure. Oh yes, I was just comparing Trafic circles to Erickson life stages?!?!!? oooohhh I really need my Riddlin, if I’m going to make it through basic training, shhhhh don’t tell nobody. But being medicated disqualifies you from the Canadian forces. (they’d write a letter asking you to get tested to see HOW much disfunctional you are if you don’t get them, just incase they parachut you down to some mountain pass full of Red Guards, and are behind the lines in some starving outpost).

Anyways, the jist of this video, a Chinese couple thinks it ok just to pop out of their car and start wailing on an Australian couple. Wow, what a way to express gratitude for living in a democratic country…… fuckheads!

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