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Trash-Mouthed Chinese Woman-The Real China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 26, 2012

Here is a bit from The King, he is referencing a video which he is looking for and subsequently found. He also drops us a vid bomb on the realities of this shit stain….

From The King
But I won’t give up……I know it’s in cyberspace somewhere….. It’s about this laowai, who’s being accosted by a Yao Ming, freak of nature Chinese, who once again blames all the Chinese problems on Laowais, all the George Kostanza looking dude was nudge him on the train, or said F you. I’m not sure the story, but the Chinese Gargantua, who obviously hates whites, flips out.. and arrests him back until security could come, or something. The human needed to go to a meeting or something. You know productive stuff, while I bet the big grunt was late for his sucky sucky at the KTV.

But in the mean time, yet another mainlander-hong konger fracas. A screechy street shitting monkey bitch, demands get this, Hong Kongers to speak that cave Grunting (the Ur, ers, ars, and other ugly down syndrom sounding, retard sounds that Chinese put in the end of words, to make them sound sophisticated but in reality makes them sound like a bunch of special ed kids going Durrr, Duhhh). enjoy!

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