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China’s BYD Auto- “Burns You to Death”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 27, 2012

China is very good at making things. Their specialties are making: a mess, a mockery of justice, toxic milk and other foods, noise, problems, disasters and much much more.

The Chinese also have decided to build companies that make things, just so they can assist in a global enforcement of the one child policy. Yes, charlie chicom has decided to build and export death. They did it with pet food and then dry wall, and now even with cars.

One of those cars is the BYD, which stands for ‘Burn You to Death’. These mobile coffins would have been welcomed by any dictatorial regime as electric incinerators, a mobile crematorium of sorts. In any event, Burns You to Death or BYD, has the financial backing of Warren Buffet, a lard-faced pos who actually sang to the Chinese on their subhuman new years day. (is it just me or has Big-assed Buffet succombed to the phenomenon known as ‘hey I’m going to go to China and get me a woman who is 1/4 my age, then i’ll sing the praises of this dump).

Living up to its name, a Burn You to Death car, had a minor mishap the other day and of course lives were lost.

Watch the video here

Yikes! Yeah, that is some vehicle of mass destruction.

But possessing what can only be termed ‘logic with chinese characteristics’ BYD had the following to say about the little ooopsie, from here.

“HONG KONG—BYD Co. said Tuesday that its e6 electric car, one of which caught fire in a collision on Saturday, passed all tests required by Chinese authorities.

The Chinese car maker backed by billionaire Warren Buffett, moving to defend its vehicles after a drop in its shares on Monday, said the batteries used by e6 electric cars have undergone abuse tests and the battery modules didn’t ignite or burn on 50% deformation, complying with Chinese standards.”

Hmm, ok let me get my head around this. What Burns You to Death is saying is that Chinese ‘standards’ are so poor that they actually allow a battery that is built within the guidelines to be capable of exploding into flames that light up the night sky like the blazing muzzles of Chinese tanks at Tianenman in 1989.

Is the fact that BYD batteries are no less combustible than the Hindenberg, but in compliance with the strictest of Chinese laws, supposed to make us cozy up to the idea of purchasing one of the murder mobiles?

Call me cynical, but I have concerns about anything made in China, especially things that are ‘high tech’, such as cars, phones, elevators, escalators…….

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  3. […] In June of this year, BYD’s mobile crematorium was up to the task of serving up some ‘kung pao corpses’, as the car fireballed a foursome into the netherworld. Rather than being an exception, such incidents are the rule in China. This year’s body count from chinese made Ev’s would have made Communist leaders proud. Sure the EV’s have not come close to slaughtering as many as Mao, Jiang, nor even Bo Xilai, but its a start. (Burns You to Death article here- https://wtdevflnt.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/chinas-byd-auto-burns-you-to-death/) […]

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