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Tianenman All Over Again- Deadly Force Allowed to Quash Disturbance

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 28, 2012

China is looking a little bit wobbly these days….

“Rumors indicate that authorities were prepared to use deadly force to put down a riot in a township in Guangdong in recent days, according to the Hong Kong-based newspaper Ming Pao.
Migrant workers based in other cities in the southern province such as Guangzhou, Foshan and Jiangmen reportedly entered the town of Shaxi under the jurisdiction of the city of Zhongshan in support of a protest launched on Jun. 25 after the son of a migrant worker from Sichuan province was beaten unconscious by the security guards in the village of Haotu.”

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Stupid People Doing Stupid Things- Fight Videos from China and More

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 28, 2012

The King, aka Gowron, has a nose for the news and here are some vids he’s found about China. This has given me an idea, why don’t we bring the real life China experience to your doorstep. Forgo the thousand dollar ticket, you can experience China from home.

First have someone shit on your door step then don’t clean your restroom for a month, the pungent odor you smell is a good start for your china experience. Bathing is verboten and don’t even think of brushing your teeth.

Now park a two stroke lawnmower in your living room and let it run for a few days; you can consider the air you now breathe what beijing calls a blue sky day.

Lastly, punch your wife in the nose, after all, she’s only a woman and you have some ktv tramps you pay on the side anyway. Now hike your dirty tshirt over your fat gut and up around your nipples, and enjoy the videos

From The King:
Wt, I sent you this ironically when you were blocked, around early last year. then the irony is on me, when you got a VPN, and now I can’t see your wonderful therapudic videos. You have no idea how much blood letting poison seeps out of my body when I read your posts, Brewski’s posts about the implosion of the big stinky (I still stand by my 10 year prediction. reason being the Chinese are simply too cowardly to stand up for their rights).

Here is some healing balm videos your way…..VPNs are fun.


Old Hong Kong bitch goes crazy and flips out. Had I rode the sky train, I would have just hit the emergency button, after of course repeated attempts to defuse the problem. The last thing I need are Chinese warrior’s, reenacting the Son Wuhong (Monkey King), scenes. This shit may fly in Kung Fu Fighting China, where all problems are solved with Dirks (those pointed throwing knives, not throwing stars though) and ancient warrior shit. The Chinese have to learn to be civilized.

Anyways, though this video Choy Full (take of pants), Chicken (Cantonese for whore, or Gai, love those multiple meaning for same sounding words). As part of my therapy I’m going to make a “Sparta” video of this old ugly granny say Chicken and take off paints…. She dares to disturb the peace in my country. my Canada, especially if I’m coming home from a hard day of work (paying tax money, to support my dearly retired elders like a good little Chinese “retirement” plan, middle class hard working and volunteering. I honestly want Canamerica to work, to run well (this is my Canmerican dream. I don’t dream of yaughts, cars, (when I’m in mexcio for retirement, I’ll still be fighting against evil through the church, until evil doers snuff my old man body). Where as CHINESE elders, feel it’s their privildge to flip out cause a scene and disrupt the rest commuters are trying to get while riding home after being ridden by the powers that be on Earth all day at work). No old lady YOU go back to China. It’s your natural habitat! Chinese just love to fight plain and simple. We believe the world owes us something. We believe we’re the center of the universe like some valley girl that everyone just loves to shit on, on teen movies. Chinese are incapable of living in civilized society. (remember this honourable elder was from HONG KONG, the “civilized” China).

As for the poor young girl (probably a UBC student…just wanting to come home). You shouldn’t have provoked her like that, just ignore her.

Chinese in a internet cafe…… he was powned….. personally I think he was just craving a smoke lol. Fucking internet bars full of smoke. Jesus what a fucking pussy they are, gang up on one little pussy. A division of lightly armed National Guardsmen MP’s can defeat the PLA easily.

Chinese youths say….. Fuck you China….. fuck you very very much. (Fingering Chinese landmarks and other Commie). I love the music….. (not), That’s the thing about the Chinese. Always melodramatic. Warrior music, heavenly choirs, warrior princes from heaven, maidens gliding on some river, and 3 magical heavenly brothers making Klingon blood pacts of heroism under a full moon in the shadow of some mountain. and other phomphous unbelievable “Jump the couch” extravagance. That describes the central race, at the center of the world, in the center of God’s Universe….. the immature 12 year old girl the motherland is.

Well as these kids in this video say. Fuck you China. Fuck you very much.

Manager and customer beats on pregnant worker in a fast food over a fucking ICE CREAM…. I can’t take this anymore Wtd. But I must go on…. I must show you people the abomination that is China.

Chinese being Chinese………………………………. in their natural habitat.

Hong Konger woman misses her flight…….the staff was even suggesting that she gets on the NEXT plane.. This is why I go to job appointments and stuff at least half an hour (for airports a hour and a half).

Cars in showrooms have gasoline in them?!?!?!!??!

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China and North Korea Show Us How They Truly Feel About America

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 28, 2012

There are four pictures here. Three are from an evil despotic regime that would love to see and is aiding in the collapse of America, the other is poverty stricken north Korea.
As we can see in the top left, this is how North Korean youths are taught to behave in the face of Americans. In the other three photos, we can see how historically the Chinese have seen us. Interestingly enough, the photo with the statue of liberty was taken merely ten years ago. It was meant to signify death to America The bottom line is that the Chinese resent us and are not our friends.
What is more alarming, is that China’s next generation of spawn of satan leaders grew up at a time when making and carrying such hateful and anti-American posters was the norm. They grew up counting the days until America would fall. And now we call them our buddies.
We can be very very ignorant.

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