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China and North Korea Show Us How They Truly Feel About America

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 28, 2012

There are four pictures here. Three are from an evil despotic regime that would love to see and is aiding in the collapse of America, the other is poverty stricken north Korea.
As we can see in the top left, this is how North Korean youths are taught to behave in the face of Americans. In the other three photos, we can see how historically the Chinese have seen us. Interestingly enough, the photo with the statue of liberty was taken merely ten years ago. It was meant to signify death to America The bottom line is that the Chinese resent us and are not our friends.
What is more alarming, is that China’s next generation of spawn of satan leaders grew up at a time when making and carrying such hateful and anti-American posters was the norm. They grew up counting the days until America would fall. And now we call them our buddies.
We can be very very ignorant.

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