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Beijing Residents Say Inflation Level Unacceptable

Posted by w_thames_the_d on June 30, 2012

Beijingers are pissed that the red scum who run this dump are not controlling prices, and it is true the price levels are higher than is being reported. Official statistics claim inflation to be less than 5%, but like most statistics from here, its a falsehood.
For instance, i recently bought one of my favorite foods which has increased in price over 30% within two months. In addition i bought fruit nd this is what i discovered
Poor quality apples are $1.1 per pound and decent ones are$1.5. In the Usa, according to the national fruit and vegetable association, apples in the USA ranged from $.8 to $1.1 per pound
Bananas in beijing are $.80 per pound or double the US price of $.4
Grapes are $2.1 while in the USA they are $1.8

The thing to remeber is that chinese are poor, with the average income being about $380 per person per month. And, the typical chinese spends over 40% of their income on food. Thus, inflation hits them harder than it hits us. While we can stomach a twenty cent increase in the price of apples, for the chinese it is unacceptable.

So, uncle chicom needs to get his act together. Claiming to be communist, the reds should have the good of the people at heart. If they do not, and cannot keep inflation incheck, then we will see guys like the murderous Bo Xilai come to power.


Beijing residents are unsatisfied with commodity prices that taken the cost of living in the city to exorbitant levels. A survey released on June 28 by China’s central bank showed 73.1% of Beijing residents said the current level of commodity prices in the second quarter of this year was “high, unacceptable” — a response higher than the national average level of 65.7% and up 11.5 percentage points from the previous quarter.

In Q2, 65.7% of China’s public said that the level of commodity prices was unacceptable, up 2.8 percentage points from the previous quarter.

2 Responses to “Beijing Residents Say Inflation Level Unacceptable”

  1. Brewskie said

    I was skeptical of uncle chicom’s recent claims of receding inflation. I read several months ago food prices continued treading up.

    The noose will tighten on China’s version of the Ministry of Truth this fall when chickens of the US drought come home to roost. Farmers here said hay prices have increased 3-fold, they expect $4.00 per gallon milk.

    • wtdevflnt said

      No kidding? Four bucks a gallon? They pay that here at present. Can you imagine how high that will climb?
      Re the inflation rate in china… Like most things here the actual bag of goods from which the cpi is derived is a “state secret” so we cannot readily assess its veracity, or the veracity of inflation rate claims.
      I have a good friend with ties to the buruea of stats who tells me that the reported figure can be half of the actual figure.
      What is happening here…
      In beijing what they do is to close down an old store, for example, and then remodel it. They reopen with same people, food and products and jack the prices by thirty percent. This is happening all over. I jave heard high rental prices are to blame. But the inflation rate here is bad. Not so much as the past few years, but remember, the chicoms are choosing the next satanist in charge, so they are reigning inflation in as much as possible.

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