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Comments from Chinese on China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 1, 2012

From comments online. The chinese know how screwed this place is.

Li, as deputy secretary general of C.P.C committee of Yongcheng city in Henan province in china, had raped more than forty female pupils, and most of victims are less than 15 years old. It is said that he had raped more than hundreds of female pupils.

Li holds vice dean of office of C.P.C committee in Yongcheng city and other official position.

Li was rewarded many RMB for “special contribution prize” as an “outstanding C.P.C member” in 2011.

This is dark situation of authoritarian china.


Medias reported a kidney trafficking ring broken in Hangzhou city, capital of Zhejiang province in china, several days ago. But, some questions are still there to common Chinese people.

Anyone, with little medical knowledge, has known Organ transplantation belong to a kind of big surgery to demand skilled medical doctors to operate and advanced medical apparatus.

Without at least two skilled surgeons, an anesthesia doctor and nurse staffs plus operating-room through strictly sterilizing in a hospital, equipped with an anesthesia machine, and without helps of medical institute and shield of officials of Health Department of locality authority, at least to gather kidney is impossible mission.

It is so evil to make one’s hackle raise that in many terrific missing cases, many evil richer colluding with corrupted cadres killed many innocent persons, including young university students, and gathered humanistic organs like kidneys and hearts in purpose of making money or transplantation for themselves or their relatives to cure diseases, even smuggling.

In common people’s mind, to seize black hands behind the scenes is key issue to ban these dirty deals, but it is uncertainty in corrupt authoritarian regime.

Certainty, this scenario isn’t character of modern society “ruled by law”.

Here, people had to talk about why there are so much many death penalties in sector of property criminals written in Chinese criminal law. And why are there so many mistaken death punishment decided by Chinese courts?

Maybe, it is “blurred vision” again, ever said a corrupt judge of china.

How shameful!

Further more, to gather organ is to be agreed by the dead, isn’t it? And, can the relatives of the dead replace the dead to promise?

It could be said medical staffs, medical institutes, cadres of Health Department, and other corrupt officials played dirty parts respectively in scandal, besides kickbacks from drugs by abuse medical treatments to eat up about trillions of Yuan every year, more than 10% of financial budget,quack medicine to worsen disease, illegal gender testing of fetuses with B ultra sonic check to cause imbalance of gender, falsifying medical test to injure person’s labor rights, and so on.

This is what called as power for money deal. And this is what called as organized crime is under umbrella of corrupt officials.


Power tended corruption, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Corruption is very, very serious in china. Common Chinese people are bullied, oppressed and persecuted by corrupted cadres without any place to petition except for black and blue in black jail, even losing life. In china, officials, judges, prosecutors are often in close relation with evildoers and perpetrators.

Sun yulei, an official of Department of Health of Zhejiang Province in china, indeed, managed and sent defenders of the accused to pose as officials of Department of Health of Zhejiang Province and to swindle and threaten the victim Y who was persecuted and framed by evil cadres of Taizhou municipal hospital, losing his already worked 18-years of job and social security.

In that case of persecuted and framed, Tao xiulin, a vile cadre of Taizhou municipal hospital, with other dirty cadres, transferred his responsibility of himself failure to medical experimental treatment in a patient onto the victim Y, by means of fictional facts and concealing the truth.

According china’s criminal law, Sun yulei and his complice, Tao xiulin and other rogue cadres of Taizhou municipal hospital, had already constituted a misconduct crime, a fraud crime and a crime of infringing citizen’s rights and social security, and so on.

But prosecutors of the Procuratorate of Zhejiang province didn’t charge these devils. Sun yulei, still as an official of Department of Health of Zhejiang Province, continues to injure and damage common people’s interests in Zhejiang Province of china. Tao xiulin and other evil cadres of Taizhou municipal hospital continue to hollow state property of the hospital, to secure a big mount of drug rebate eaten up over 10% annual financial budget and to commit sordid and despicable things to wrangle and fight with common patients in Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province, china.

It could be said that vile cadres of Taizhou municipal hospital are not so much as so-called to cure diseases for patients as to be greedy kickbacks from drug to worsen medical condition, even killing patients.

Just on March 21 this year, the vile cadres of Taizhou municipal hospital in Zhejiang Province of china intended to shift burden of one medical death case of a 10-monthold infant onto other hospital in Taizhou city.

In 2010, an amazing case, well-known as the first cut throat in Chinese hospital, had happened in the hospital where the patient D alleged surgery in Taizhou municipal hospital to cause atrophy of his testis, however claim be refused roughly, that the patient D was so angry to pick up a knife to cut the surgeon’s throat.

Obviously organized crime, villains of Taizhou municipal hospital play tyrants in a locality to injure cruelly patients and others to seek illegal benefits, shielded under umbrella of officials, like Sun yulei, an official of Department of Health of Zhejiang Province.

Please all with good conscience give in charity to copy and post

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Rats Deserting a Sinking Ship- Chinese Immigrate to US

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 1, 2012

The chicoms who are the most ruthless are the ones coming to the USA. The good people, those who actually have a soul, are hindered from doing so and typically lack sufficient cash.

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The Coming China Wars: Where They Will Be Fought and How They Can Be Won

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 1, 2012

Good book and good author

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China’s 40000 Dangerous Reservoirs

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 1, 2012

China is warring with planet earth and will lose.

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Girl Falls Into Sidewalk Sinkhole In China (Video)

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 1, 2012

My two pennies
1 chinese construction sucks
2 the girl must be related to the cabbie. Chinese never help anyone

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