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Chinese In-flight Fatality, Failed Hijacking or Argument Over Seating Assignment

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 2, 2012

The chicoms have claimed to have foiled an attempted hijacking, but then again the chicoms are full of shit. I will cut and paste the story below. But in summary: uncle chicom, who seethes with deceit, has claimed that but for the valiant effort of some junior chicoms, a flight bound for Xinjiang, the Muslim area of China, would have been hijacked.

Now for a reality check. Chinese are like hyenas. They are rarely at peace and will disrupt a good time for no reason whatsoever. Thus, I find it somewhat difficult to believe that the passengers that were beaten to death were really hijacking the plane. Some are arguing that the fracas was nothing more than an argument over seating assignments that got out of control. And for anyone who has lived in China and seen how in humane and irrational these people are, then this scenario seems more likely.

What probably happened was that some Chinese argued over a seat, perhaps one of them was not a Han. The Han seized upon the opportunity to call the non-Han Muslims terrorists and to beat them. The Muslims die, but interestingly enough, not on the airplane but while in the ‘custody’ of the chicoms….

Here is a snippet of the official news
“Two men who allegedly tried to hijack a plane in far west China by battering the cockpit door with a crutch and trying to set off explosives have died from injuries sustained in a fight with passengers and crew, state media say.”
from here http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/asia/7207829/Two-die-after-clash-on-flight-reports

And here is news from The King, which supports my hypothesis. In the King news, four Chinese women pummel a fifth sensless all due to the ignorant actions of a spoiled fu er dai or one child pos …
From The King

4 Chinese beasts, beat up passanger on airplane. over a matter of a reclining seat . Thank you China for continuing to provide the free world (wtd’s readers. ex. you guys), with the laughs. Keep fucking up China. keep on fucking up.

FIVE women were asked to get off a plane and taken into custody by police during a stopover in Wuhan City after four of them beat the fifth woman, who had refused to adjust her seat during the flight, local media reported.

The mid-air incident occurred on a flight from Kunming City of Yunnan Province to Shenyang of Liaoning Province on Saturday morning as a woman surnamed Liu, in her thirties, adjusted her seat to lean backwards, annoying a passenger behind her.

According to Wuhan Evening News, the passenger, surnamed Xu, 18, asked Liu to move her seat back up but Liu refused, telling her that other passengers were leaning their seats back, too.

Xu then angrily kicked the back of Liu’s seat. Liu stood up and slapped Xu in the face, the newspaper said.

But Xu was not traveling alone. The young woman was accompanied by another three women – her mother, her aunt and a classmate who were traveling home from a vacation in Yunnan Province.

Seeing that Xu had been struck, the three women all assaulted Liu. They beat her with fists and kicked and scratched her, the newspaper said. Liu had several scratches on her body and her clothes were ripped but the plane’s crew couldn’t stop the fight.

It was not until the crew alerted police and other passengers stepped in that the fighting stopped.

They were ordered off at Wuhan City of Hubei Province and charged with violating aviation regulations and seriously threatening flight safety. Police said Xu’s family agreed to pay 1,000 yuan (US$157) to Liu as compensation.

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