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Forced Migration Into America, Dumbass Bloomberg and China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 3, 2012

New York Mayor Bloomberg has demanded that ” the US federal government should “deliberately force” large municipalities to take in immigrants as the only hope for salvaging their battered economies.”

As ignorant as you please, Bloomberg says that countries like China are lapping up all the good foreign talent, hmm lets think about that for a moment.

Bloomberg has said that based on the following report from China, that we in America are at risk in falling behind the race for talent. Here is a message straight from the horse’s ass, “According to the report, two years ago, China launched a “talent plan” to attract overseas Chinese who study or work abroad. The government offers professors, researchers and especially tech professional an average compensation of US$158,000 per person. Professional who choose to return to China also receive compensation for housing. Those who open new companies in designated areas can also earn tax exemptions.”-from here

Ok lets think about this. Yes it is true that China has pushed through some plans to attract foreign talent, but so far they have had little to no effect. Sure some uni’s get visiting profs and then some pilots will come to this stink hole, but overall there is not a plethora of foreign business people in China. To hear Bloomberg talk about it, this place is sucking up all of the cream and leaving us with the duds. while we do probably get an inordinate amount of duds from China, we are not losing talent.

For example, take a guess how many ‘green card holders’ China has…

Go ahead guess

Supposedly there are 600,000 foreigners here and 200,000 business professionals, guess how many have a green card….

A WHOPPING 4,000 !

No shit. Xenophobic china only has a little over 4,000 ‘green card’ holders. This news comes straight from uncle red.

So if China is attracting so much talent then why do they have so few green card holders? And if China were attracting so much business talent, then were are all of these people located?

It has been estimated that over 100,000 foreigners in China are language teachers, which means that few are in business. And as for the US, we only have 69,000 from the land of the free in this entire dump.

So again, I say, wtf is Bloomberg talking about?

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