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Hong Kobg, Alibaba and The King

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 5, 2012

China news from The King…


My answer. Who the fuck cares. All Chinese people are just pigs who worship a pig god. Who’s cartoon revolves around pigs. (McDuff, and GGBond), Who looks like Pigs with their squishy melted wax blobby face. (the molten hardend mishapened kind). And once I’m back in Freedomland, I have no need for Chinese pig shit. Fuck you Hong Kong, you city of souless, but civilized people. Fuck you. http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://img1.photographersdirect.com/img/12597/wm/pd643397.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.photographersdirect.com/buyers/stockphoto.asp?imageid%3D643397&h=425&w=567&sz=68&tbnid=jjfkPspnbOvNhM:&tbnh=95&tbnw=127&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dchinese%2Bpig%2Bgod%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=chinese+pig+god&usg=__SpQ_-oaiZ6yvpgxINv_vjLum9cc=&docid=Vjvv4Isr7IjfeM&hl=zh-CN&sa=X&ei=jtj1T5G6BMffmAW5vIGWBQ&ved=0CGMQ9QEwBQ&dur=328
(image of the Chinese pig god).


Sexy image of Chinese pig god. Like it’s idol worship of these moronic dieties that makes the Chinese so stupid, well that and they’re gross fuckers.



Like why can’t the Chinese culture just create something sexy and beautiul like a statue of naked chicks bathing instead of these moronic deities. Well that and consider skin cancer molds good luck. I honestly can’t wait until I can set all my Chinese documents on FIRE including the Hong Kong ID card. hmmm let’s see, I could live in Canada, where it’s clean with no freaky bugs,or Hong Kong where it’s a horrible sweaty country of humidity…. with flies and other such ungodly insects. Fuck you China. And your pigs!

For the record, China’s folkkin religion is so intertwined with story book characters that practically “Cinderella is the mother mary” And that there really IS no pig god, but, just a fictional character revered as a diety. That’s like deifying Harry Potter as the god of lightning.

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Falling Cranes and Dead Communists in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 5, 2012

This is what you call ‘poetic justice’….
Excerpt from here
“A local communist party official was among five people killed when a crane collapsed at a Sinovel factory in China’s Gansu province, ”

The communists have been skimming the fat from Chinese business and or infiltrating them via family members, but one chicom was not so lucky…

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High Rise Leapers, Deformed Fetuses and Fake Beer- China News King Style

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 5, 2012

No one brings the “China real” quite like The King….

All rise for the Master


Katie Holmes escapes a dangerous cult (Scientologly), by renting an apartment in China?!?!?!?!!! See Katie, THIS is why you guys shouldn’t have been so against psychiatry. because now your brain is fucked up to not pick some place nice, like the Bahamas, or Mexcio some place in Baja, (which is like 5 hours AWAY from LA. Or Costar Rica, where everyone is happy and stuff). But you chose China??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! the land of poo and pee on the streets, ugly onion haired (this strange hair doo of some Chinese that resemble the leafs of onion skins), or Cabbage haired aunties (Wtd’s description), or the Cho (Chinese Afro’s, this weird mushroom cloud wavy billow of hair (Hu Jin Tao’s hair), or the floppsy (fag, this flippy hair Chinese boys wear). You come to a country of polluted poo air the colour of baby’s diapers. Sad depressing grey buildings, sad depressing and angry angry people?

See Katie had you not attacked psychiatry like this, the doctor could have given you meds, and you would haven’t make the decison to settle in HELL to escape a deadly cult! That’s like going from the frying pan into the fire!

Good job Katie. You actually had SOME potential as a young cute and cuddly actress from “Go”. but meh, what can I say. You took refuge in a very foul scented hell hole. Good job stupid!

As a volunteer at the Vancouver-Whistler 2010 winter paraolympics. I had the pleasure to see the true nature of humanity’s awesomness, even when crippled we still kick ass (like this girl from Germany won 5 Gold medals, Skiing). Or the girl from Canada Wolstencroft, she’s a electrical engineer by day, ninja cyborg by night. She also won like 5 Golds AND she designed most of the electrical venues.

Fuck, England has a TANK KILLING soldier who was blinded in the war, but managed to multiple times evade capture, and off lots of nazi tanks. (yay us). Rossevelt the only 3 term president, and cyborg, needed a wheel chair….. And Hitler had just one BALL, managed to fuck the world up. (in his case that’s a bad thing, but still very impressive for a one balled man). So fuck this mother I’m glad she’s dead, because she was depressed that her one child disapointment is disapointing.

Hell I have Autism and ADD and a myriad pyramid scheme of weirdness that I’m practically a brain bomb from Johny Numonic. (cyberpunk genre), I still managed save lives because that’s important to me. Being there. (well the fear that if I don’t the victims of times when I “can”, will confront me when I’m dying). Well that and it’s just a nice thing to do.


A pregnant woman jumped to her death on Monday morning in a hospital in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Province after hearing that her 8-month fetus might be deformed.

Feng Bixia, 35, suffered eczema in April and a prenatal diagnosis conducted at the Baiyuan District Red Cross Hospital showed her fetus has a high risk of deformity due to her disease. Feng felt devastated and jumped from the seventh floor of the hospital, a local newspaper reported today.

“The doctors kept telling my wife that the baby might have deformity and urged us to go to a bigger hospital,” Feng’s husband He Zhihong told the New Express. “She became silent and cried at night after hearing this.”

The hospital insisted that they did nothing wrong to inform patients of undesirable consequences. But some people think doctors should tell truth to patients in an appropriate manner.


Yayyyyeee China finally joins the late 19th century, after aeons of Mysogniy (one of China’s most beautiful poems, advises you to dress your daughter up in rags, give her broken tiles to play with and sleep on the floor etc).

AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA a thief steals a safe from a post office bank…. only to find???

13 RMB (2 dollars!), all in coins! ahahaahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaahaahahhahaahahahahahahahah…… Thank you China for the laughs.

A THIEF lugged a heavy safe all the way to his house and used every tool he had to open it.

But he didn’t expect what he found inside: just over 13 yuan (US$2.05).

The suspect has been detained for breaking into a post office savings bank in May and stealing the money, city police said yesterday.

The thief, Gan Guoping, told the police that he was “inspired by the infamous theft at Beijing’s Palace Museum last year.” In that case, a thief cut the power, muted the security system and broke windows and walls to steal nine valuables in the museum in the heavily guarded Forbidden City.

The Shanghai case was discovered on the morning of May 1 when passers-by found a post office savings bank in Baoshan District had signs of a break-in, including broken glass. Police found one of four safes had been taken but nothing else missing.

The post office said there was 13.58 yuan, all in coins, inside the safe, which weighs more than 50 kilogram.

Police investigation found that the thief first broke in two office doors and disabled the alarm in the middle of the night. Gan also destroyed office surveillance cameras and took out the camera disks, police said.

Police used other surveillance devices and traced the suspect to a nearby residential complex. Gan, 33, who had a record of theft, was soon caught, police said. Authorities said he told them he saw a lot of money in the safes when he went to the post office to pay bills.

“My plan worked, even though I did not get the money,” said Gan, seen in handcuffs in a police video.

Sigh…… even the beer is toxic goo of toxicness. lol. Fuck you China. fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you an fuck you.


SIX people who made fake beer using cancer-causing industrial chemicals and sold it in north China, gaining 13 million yuan (US$2.05 million) in the process, have been detained by police.

They added toxic chemicals – hydrochloric acid and formaldehyde – to 13 counterfeit brands of beer, including Tsingtao, and sold it in Jilin Province and its neighboring Liaoning, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia.

Police in Siping, a city in the northeastern Jilin Province, seized 18,000 cases of beer, 120 bottles of formaldehyde and 20 barrels of industrial hydrochloric acid in a crackdown last month.

Also confiscated were 130,000 fake brand labels, 80,000 bottle caps and six bank cards, the Legal Daily newspaper reported yesterday.

Production of the fake and toxic beer began in February after a man surnamed Jia subcontracted the Shuangliao City Xinxin Beverage Factory last October.

Jia concocted a solution of hydrochloric acid and formaldehyde to prolong shelf life and make the beer tastier, police said.

His relatives purchased the materials, supervised the process and contacted sellers, and Jia recruited 30 assembly line workers, who had no knowledge of his homemade solution, to produce the beer, the report said.

Siping police were tipped off about the illegal business in early May, and 70 police raided the factory on June 13. Jia and his five relatives were caught at the scene.

Formaldehyde, used as a disinfectant and embalming fluid, can cause cancer and fetal deformation.

In 2008, China banned it as an illegal food additive.

China’s water is not safe to drink simply because Chinese people are so stinky, and just one who bathes, or even brushes it’s teeth, then the water moans out this “fog horn” sound that designates something foul smelling in cartoons. This “eeeeeee ohhhhhhhh” sound (this fog horn moaning). Like that Chinese hero Le Feng’s (this hero of the month, some selfless red warrior, who washed his friend’s socks) bath water probably groaned this sound.


CHINA’S tap water is still not safe to drink despite the adoption, on Sunday, of stricter standards concerning drinking water quality, according to a Tsinghua University professor.

Tap water which is tested as qualified in the plants might be polluted during the delivery process, and the nation hasn’t appointed any authorities to supervise the implementation of the new standards to ensure their complete adoption, Wang Zhansheng told China Central Television.

Therefore, Chinese people still have to rely on tap water purifiers and can’t drink water straight from the tap, Wang said.

He said he had been involved in formulating the new standards, said to be as strict as those issued by the World Health Organization, but they were not expected to be fully met until 2015.

The standards were actually first adopted on July 1, 2007, after the nation amended its drinking water standards in 2006, but have not been well implemented.

Wang said another factor contributing to unqualified drinking water was the water plants’ old-fashioned facilities and treatment rather than contamination in transmission.

“Many pollutants can’t be removed under the current treatment,” Wang told CCTV.

He suggested the nation raise water prices to cover the cost of improvements because he said people would be happy to pay what would be just an additional 0.30 yuan (US$4.70 cents) per a ton of water.

The government plans to invest 410 billion yuan before the end of 2015 to upgrade and construct urban water-providing facilities and promises to fulfil the new standards.

Experts say the investment is likely to solve major problems with tap water in urban regions, but they have questioned how smoothly the plan can be carried out as the funding will mainly come from local governments and adjustment of water prices that may have an impact on the public.

A recent report by the State Council, China’s Cabinet, said that around one-fifth of tap water checked in cities and county seats last year would not have qualified if measured by the “new” standards. It also estimated water was not up to standard at nearly 14 percent of the nation’s water sources.

“A major reason for substandard drinking water is that the water plants’ facilities are old in China. More than 95 percent of them were built before the new drinking water standards were established,” said Du Ying, a vice minister of the National Development and Reform Commission, China’s top economic planner.

Aging water pipes and inadequate management of storage facilities in urban communities are also causing further pollution to the water, said Du.

Meanwhile, the delay in enforcing the standards has given rise to public doubts and deepened mistrust in the system.

“The announcement of the new standards is pointless at present because they will not be genuinely implemented until 2015,” Shao Mingbo posted on Sina.com

And a comment on Weibo.com was: “From the making of the new standards back in 2006 to its scheduled real implementation in 2015, we have to wait for almost 10 years.”

Facing the criticism, Health Minister Chen Zhu said ensuring water quality was a systematic project that involves complicated processes at the water source, then the points of treatment, transmission and quality monitoring

According to figures provided by the NDRC, before the adoption of the new standards 83 percent of water plants nationwide produced qualified water, but only 79.6 percent tested safe after transmission.

By the end of 2015, 106 water quality indices, up from 35 previously, will be measured in all provincial capitals and municipalities.

The new standards also beef up checks for microorganisms, heavy metals and organic pollutants, Chen said.

Chen said at least 42 indices will be monitored in water quality checks in county-level cities by 2015. These regular checks will basically ensure the safety of drinking water, he said.


The Chavezian republic of Venezuela (he renamed Venezuela after Simon Bolivar), buys tanks from China. DEMOCRACY finally grows in South America. Viva Libertad….. this is the end of the so called pink tide in South America.


Chinese economy slows down, but shit appears to be bottoming out, as shrinkage is slower than expected. Ohhhh Brewsky say somethin cheerful, please say you found some of your usual TNT like data that blows this country up.


Finally, an end to these big stinky’s car industry, and to Buffette’s investments in China.

[HONG KONG] The Guangzhou government’s move to cut the quota for new car sales could encourage more mainland cities and provinces to take similar steps to curb traffic congestion and reduce air pollution. That will dent the prospects of Chinese car makers already struggling to boost their shipments amid a slowing economy.
Guangzhou, the capital of the southern Guangdong province, started a pilot scheme from this month to limit new car registrations in the city to 120,000 per year, or 10,000 per month.
Following the new policy, many car dealers in the city sold out their entire quota for this month within three to four hours as people scrambled to ensure their deliveries.
The policy came as Guangzhou is planning to unveil air quality data under the benchmark PM 2.5 standards. The car sales cap will help ease pollution as well as solve the traffic congestion problem.

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Bloomberg, Xi Jinping’s ‘Corrupt’ Family and China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 5, 2012

China, which has the collective mentality of a family of puff otters, does not like its dirty little secrets to be spilt out into the public. The communists, and the Chinese people are large, do not want to be humiliated by the truth, I mean they do not want it to be known that theirs is a society run amok. Evidence of this comes in many forms, most of which would probably bore the typical reader, so I will use a recent example to explain.

China’s next communist leader is Xi Jinping. He is a guy who is allegedly against corruption, yet his family is worth billions. They deal in real estate and rare earths, which China is supposedly stockpiling, and other concerns. Bloomberg did a piece on this and explained how there is no direct link to Xi Jinping, but they went on to say that his family is loaded. This, in a round about way, called in to question if Xi Jinping might be dirty.

The result of the Bloomberg article is that Bloomberg is now blocked in Beijing. The emotionally damaged brain trust that is this dung hill has decided that Bloomberg shall pay. Pay for what? Pay for telling the truth. Or as the communists like to call it, ‘for divulging state secrets or ruining China’s harmony’. What these terms mean, are that if and when one exposes the truth of any communist dictator, except for those who have fallen from grace, then the author of such a piece is an ingrate and should be killed, tortured or kicked out of here.

The funny thing is that while there is no direct connection between Xi Jinping and the billions his family had, other than his older sister is holding a ton of it, Is the fact that Bo Xilai was also ‘clean’, until the party went after him. Yes, Bo Xilai, whose son is still in the US and graduated from Harvard was much like Xi JInping. Both came up to the party during its most mercenary, brutal and bloody years -1966-76. Both were princelings and both were sent off to be reformed through labor.

Both also make about $19,000 per year but were able to send their kids to Harvard. Both also had family members who are loaded, but of course the commies say that Bo was dirty but Xi is not. hmmmmm

So if the commies suddenly got upset with Xi, would we then see that his family too was corrupt? Are we to assume that Xi did not assist his older sister and family in accumulating a billion dollars?

In a society like China, a pure kleptocracy, everyone is dirty, and the higher you go the dirtier you are. Bo Xilai, it is said, killed one men fewer than a dozen and he was slated for a top spot until he angered someone. Until that point however, all of his antics were tolerated and hidden. I wonder what skeletons Xi Jinping has in his closet?

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