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Bloomberg, Xi Jinping’s ‘Corrupt’ Family and China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 5, 2012

China, which has the collective mentality of a family of puff otters, does not like its dirty little secrets to be spilt out into the public. The communists, and the Chinese people are large, do not want to be humiliated by the truth, I mean they do not want it to be known that theirs is a society run amok. Evidence of this comes in many forms, most of which would probably bore the typical reader, so I will use a recent example to explain.

China’s next communist leader is Xi Jinping. He is a guy who is allegedly against corruption, yet his family is worth billions. They deal in real estate and rare earths, which China is supposedly stockpiling, and other concerns. Bloomberg did a piece on this and explained how there is no direct link to Xi Jinping, but they went on to say that his family is loaded. This, in a round about way, called in to question if Xi Jinping might be dirty.

The result of the Bloomberg article is that Bloomberg is now blocked in Beijing. The emotionally damaged brain trust that is this dung hill has decided that Bloomberg shall pay. Pay for what? Pay for telling the truth. Or as the communists like to call it, ‘for divulging state secrets or ruining China’s harmony’. What these terms mean, are that if and when one exposes the truth of any communist dictator, except for those who have fallen from grace, then the author of such a piece is an ingrate and should be killed, tortured or kicked out of here.

The funny thing is that while there is no direct connection between Xi Jinping and the billions his family had, other than his older sister is holding a ton of it, Is the fact that Bo Xilai was also ‘clean’, until the party went after him. Yes, Bo Xilai, whose son is still in the US and graduated from Harvard was much like Xi JInping. Both came up to the party during its most mercenary, brutal and bloody years -1966-76. Both were princelings and both were sent off to be reformed through labor.

Both also make about $19,000 per year but were able to send their kids to Harvard. Both also had family members who are loaded, but of course the commies say that Bo was dirty but Xi is not. hmmmmm

So if the commies suddenly got upset with Xi, would we then see that his family too was corrupt? Are we to assume that Xi did not assist his older sister and family in accumulating a billion dollars?

In a society like China, a pure kleptocracy, everyone is dirty, and the higher you go the dirtier you are. Bo Xilai, it is said, killed one men fewer than a dozen and he was slated for a top spot until he angered someone. Until that point however, all of his antics were tolerated and hidden. I wonder what skeletons Xi Jinping has in his closet?

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