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Rent Increases in Hell- aka China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 8, 2012

China has a lot of people. actually this is an understatement its like saying ‘rotten eggs smell bad’. Sure they do, but the word ‘bad’ cannot fully comprehend what their odor does to one’s senses.

In any event, the rent in hell aka China, has gone up dramatically. In some areas of hell, notably Beijing Shanghai and Guangzhou, rent has gone up over 10% in one month alone.

I guess I should look at the bright side. For this ten percent increase in housing price, one is guaranteed of living in a beaten down, dilapidated death trap which will crumble at the  mere signs of an earthquake. Setting this aside, one can also be assured that, absent a slight tremor, the little hunk of fecal matter that we call homes will be in a horrible state of disrepair within months of moving in.

In your typical Chinese gulag, the water pipes are the first thing to give up the ghost and then its the walls, followed by plumbing in general. All this is the China price, that cost we all pay for the privilege of living in one of the most repressive regimes on the planet….


“Prices rose most in Beijing, where prices rose by 13.86% from May, followed by Shenzhen, 7.56%; Guangzhou, 6.84%; and Shanghai, 6.48%, according to data released by real estate market researcher the China Index Academy.”

From here


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