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Chinese Scientists Helped with Higgs Boson Discovery

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 9, 2012

A story with the headlines, “Chinese scientists made ‘important’ contributions to Higgs Boson discovery” in wantchinatimes.com was recently released.

The story quoted Ukrainian scientist Blagpor Kenung as saying,” we have to credit the Chinese for finishing so quickly. Things were going a little slowly until some guys named Wang, Wang and Li from the Chinese mainland arrived. Prior to that, we kind of were taking it slow, having a good time. But all of the sudden these guys showed up and we were like ‘wtf? Who the hell are these clowns?’. ”

“Yeah?”, staff reporter.

“Yeah. I mean we had a nice work environment ’till the Chinese showed up. And then in between listening to them howling on their cell phones, slurping noodles all day and cutting their toe nails near the sensitive data collection equipment, we were like, ‘hey we have got to hurry up and finish, I can’t take being by these savages any longer’. He then paused in thought.

“Yeah, you could say that without the Chinese being present, we’d still be toiling away, looking for the elusive particles. Just being around those guys was enough to drive you mad.”

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